MLB The Show 23: Best Pitches To Use

Players who enjoy pitching in MLB The Show 23 will find that having an arsenal of five pitches makes it impossible for hitters to quickly deduce which pitch is being thrown at them. Elite players will try to evaluate incoming pitches early on, and the key to success is having several pitches at roughly the same speed and releasing them with distinctly different movements.

Tournament winners in Diamond Dynasty seasons tend not to be because they have the highest rated pitchers, but because they have very good pitching options. These five pitches easily lead the league in any pitching category when playing Road to the Show on MLB The Show 23,

best fastball

MLB  The  Show  23 Cutter  Description Double Seamed Fastball Cutter The best shuttling pitchers bring the heat with the fastball. Their speed gives players little time to position the ball before swinging. They’re also more accurate, so when pitchers know exactly where they want to throw the ball, the fastball deviates the least.

Both the double-seam fastball and chipping look like they travel in a straight line before breaking left or right. This is nearly impossible for the batsman to guess, since their speeds differ by only a mile per hour. Players can target them high or low and in the corners, and it’s the only zone shooter who knows what they’re doing.

Best Allometric Stadium

MLB  The  Show  23 Splitter  Description Breaker Some pitchers stay away from the breaker because it’s very close to the speed of the fastball and may not interfere with the batter’s timing. But in practice, the opposite is true. Because the pitch is only 5 mph slower, it often catches batters in front, increasing misses and ugly contact.

The best starters rely on this as a strikeout pitch. Left slices and double-seam fastballs are used to the left and right, respectively, while the spill drops sharply, providing a third direction that nearly identical pitches can break through.

best breaking ball

MLB  The  Show  23 Slider  Description Slider Slurve This is where it gets really brutal. The slider is already the best strikeout pitch in baseball’s illustrious history, as its sharp diagonal break at the end and high speed (only a mile an hour slower than the splitter) make it tricky all around.

Worse, add a slurve that looks exactly like the slider but cuts deeper at the cost of only 4 mph. Gamers often believe they’ve got the sliders lined up, then flick and miss. Throw the corner sliders and slurves out of the area for some ugly cutouts.

MLB The Show 23 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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