Minecraft: Super Smelter Tutorial

Minecraft players always have a ton of items to smelt in a furnace, but never want to wait for everything to be cooked. For this reason, players spend a lot of resources creating huge “super smelting furnaces” that can cook huge amounts of items in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the material cost of Super Smelters is the main reason some players are afraid to craft them. However, there’s a very basic version that does the job, and it’s only $33,360

6 Hoppers 2 Furnaces 6 Chests Fuel for the Furnace This is the way to get the job done.

basic smelter

basic  smelter This basic version will smelt the item without taking it out of the furnace, allowing the player to do other things while waiting for the cooked food. It can also smelt two piles at the same time. This basic version starts with placing a double chest on top of two funnels that lead directly to the top of the two furnaces. This box is used to smelt raw materials and can store a lot of raw materials.

Then, place the hoppers on the side, back, or front of the stove, making sure the hoppers lead to them. Finally, put another twin box on top. This chest is where the furnace fuel is; Coal or Coal Blocks are highly recommended as they burn for a long time and don’t need to be removed from the furnace afterwards, like lava buckets.

Then place two funnels at the bottom of these furnaces that lead to a chest. This chest is where smelted items are stored. This simple system is more than enough for most players, as it can hold many items and smelt them while the player goes about doing other things. However, some players want something bigger and better.

How to Make a Super Smelter

super  smelter Conceptually, a Super Melter is similar to a smaller Melter, only larger. Minecraft players should start by placing a long row of furnaces 2 blocks above the ground. This row can have up to 15 blocks, but 12 is recommended. As before, place the hoppers on top and in front of these furnaces, with a row of blocks under them.

Place the power rail above the hopper, and place a row of blocks below it, making sure the rails don’t connect and form a slope, but instead form a straight line across the furnace. These rails can be powered by a single block of redstone placed directly above the lower set of rails, with the bottom set powered by a lever. The rails should now extend two blocks in all directions, with a funnel at the bottom leading to the chest at the bottom.

Next, place blocks at the ends so the rail hits one of the blocks. The chest should be placed directly over the rails on the left, with a lever on the leftmost block and a piece of redstone behind it. The redstone block and lever should now move to the right so that the first two powered rails on the left are not powered. A lever should also be placed on the leftmost block to power the bottom rail.

finished-smelter Players can now place 3 minecarts with hoppers on unpowered sections of the track and flick a lever to power them whenever they want to turn the machines on. The crate setup is exactly the same as the previous design with : raw items on top, fuel in the middle and cooked food on the bottom.

Furnaces in both designs can be replaced with smokers or blast furnaces if the player wants more food or ore. This machine is powerful enough to smelt hundreds of items in seconds, and can be duplicated and expanded.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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