Minecraft Player Builds Incredible Tower Inspired by Bloodborne

A Minecraft player has built a tower that resembles one of the most memorable and important structures in the Bloodborne universe. Famous locations from video games have always been popular choices for Minecraft developers to recreate, and Bloodborne’s setting is no exception.

Bloodborne is one of the most famous games from developer FromSoftware. One of its signature features is the striking architectural design, seen in the bloody Yharnam scene, which features Gothic and Victorian architecture. Bloodborne has provided recreating material for dedicated Minecraft players, as seen by players who have recreated Yharnam in Minecraft in stunning detail.

To this day, Bloodborne remains relevant to Minecraft players, as evidenced by a Reddit player named OmegaKartoffel. They built a tower at the base of the Astral Clock Tower, one of the last locations seen in the Bloodborne expansion called “The Old Hunter”. Released in November 2015, the DLC takes players into the Hunter’s Nightmare, a cursed realm filled with beasts and drunken hunters. Once at the top of the tower, players will have the opportunity to battle Lady Maria, the Bloodborne boss whose animations, dialogue, and mysterious lore have made her one of the most popular bosses in the game.

minecraft-bloodborne-astral-clocktower More pictures of the tower can be found here.

While not exactly entertaining, the resemblance of OmegaKartoffel’s tower to the Astral Clocktower is strong, albeit with one necessary omission. In Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, the player can walk through the front of the clock tower after defeating Lady Maria. There, they’ll encounter Fishing Village, the last area of the DLC. Aside from the abundance of bloodborne lore and secrets in the Fishing Village, the area itself is huge, sitting directly above the Astral Clock Tower. This makes it understandable why OmegaKartoffel chose not to include it required more effort and space.

Bloodborne’s popularity is far from fading nearly eight years after its release, and the popularity of fan creations based on the game is a testament to that cult. These range from recreations of famous Minecraft locations to a PSX demake of Bloodborne, allowing fans to experience the first few hours of the game as if it were the game on the original PlayStation. With Bloodborne growing in popularity and FromSoftware continuing to earn accolades, it’s clear that time will not stand in the way of Bloodborne’s legacy.

Bloodborne is available on PS4.

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