Minecraft Glitch Makes Getting Rare Achievement Easy

Achievement-seeking players have a lot of progress to pursue in Minecraft, but one player has stumbled upon a glitch that might help with one of the game’s more complex achievements, killing villains in the overworld dimension. soul. Over the years, the game’s thriving community has uncovered countless similar bugs, prompting some Minecraft players to try a quick run of the game and all of its improvements.

While this may not seem like such a difficult task for late game players, only a small percentage of players can earn the “Alliance of Disquiet” achievement. This task, which requires the player to lure the Ghast into the Overworld and then kill it, becomes particularly troublesome due to the Ghast’s seemingly fast movement speed, high damage output, and often inconsistent hitboxes. It’s these attributes that make it difficult for ghasts to get into the overworld in the first place, as their status as flying creatures doesn’t make it any easier for players to want to attach a thread to them. Ghasts only spawn in Minecraft’s Nether dimension, and their sheer size often requires building a large Nether portal if the player attempts to unlock the Uneasy Alliance achievement the traditional way.

That said, one player has stumbled upon a way to get this achievement in an easier way, offering a method that might be useful to fans trying to advance their Minecraft speedrunning game across the board. A Reddit player named TSlyme1 posted on the site about the moment they shot an arrow while time-traveling out of the Nether through a portal that happened to kill a ghast. This well-timed shot earns them the Disquieting Alliance achievement, as the ghast is technically dead when the player re-emerges in the overworld.

Players managed to achieve this when playing on SMP servers, with a ping of around 120ms, and while Minecraft’s multiplayer servers generally handle world loading slightly differently, it should be possible to replicate this approach in single player, Because Nether blocks are not fully unloaded when Overworld blocks are loaded. Doing this with a bow requires an incredibly well-timed shot, so some players have even come up with more creative methods, such as trapping ghasts and using redstone-wired TNT to give players more control over timing.

Minecraft’s Nether dimension got a major overhaul in the 2020 Nether Update, adding a ton of extra content with new mobs, biomes, and structures, bringing even more Nether-related advancements. Since then, many in the Minecraft community have hoped to one day receive similar treatment, as this dimension is especially barren compared to others, but full of potential that can be unlocked in future updates.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and most traditional platforms.

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