Minecraft and Minecraft Legends: How to Turn off the Narrator

Not everyone likes the narrator speaking in their game, and that can change in games like Minecraft Legends. Whether playing Minecraft or Minecraft Legends, players can change the text-to-speech options to their liking, as everyone has different preferences.

This guide will show players how to go into the accessibility menu in Minecraft and Minecraft Legends to turn off the narration option and disable all the text-to-speech options the game has to offer.

How to turn off Narrator in Minecraft

altering  accessibility  options  in  minecraft Text-to-speech can be a useful feature, but sometimes players may just want to turn it off temporarily. In Minecraft, players can adjust several text-to-speech options to their liking.

If players open the settings menu directly from the main title screen, they’ll be able to access the accessibility tab, which has several useful text-to-speech options. From here, players can turn off Text-to-speech for UI and Text-to-speech for chat. Since these settings are independent, they can decide what suits their preferences better. On top of that, it’s also possible to change the volume of text to speech – in case they just want to turn the volume down rather than silence it completely.

How to turn off the narration in Minecraft Legends

initial  starting  settings  menu When players play Minecraft Legends for the first time, text-to-speech is turned on by default, which means the narrator will start talking automatically.

Players can choose their preferences before starting the game. To immediately turn off this option, they must tick the “Text to Speech” option in the first settings menu that pops up on the screen.

minecraft  legends  menu  turn  off  text  to  speech If a player forgets to do this, doesn’t notice, or later changes their mind while playing Minecraft Legends, they can always do so by opening the settings menu from the main title screen and going to the Accessibility tab. Then, they have to go to the text section and turn off the “text to speech” option.

Another useful option in the same tab is the “Press to Skip Movie” option in the “Videos” section. This saves the player from having to deal with the intro animation when launching the game – it’s automatically skipped for them.

Minecraft Legends is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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