Metroid Prime Remastered Fan Makes Custom Instruction Manual For The Game

Physical instruction manuals for video games have largely replaced plastic boxes, but one ardent fan made one for Metroid Prime Remastered. Like many releases of the Nintendo GameCube era, the original Metroid Prime included a full-color instruction manual detailing the game’s control scheme, listing veteran bounty hunter Samus Alan during her most recent high Various power-ups to collect – adventure quests, and even some background lore about Metroid’s ancient Chozo and fearsome space pirates.

Sadly, with countless Internet forums dedicated to cataloging every hidden trick and secret in a given video game, physical instructions like the ones included with Metroid Prime’s original GameCube release have all but disappeared — not to mention game companies To reduce paper waste and increase environmental awareness. While these reasons are understandable, many gamers still miss the thrill of flipping through paper manuals on the way home after buying their latest video game, and some are even committed to preserving past instruction manuals in digital form.

A few days ago, a Reddit user named RowanFN1 shared an image of their homemade instruction manual for Metroid Prime Remastered on r/NintendoSwitch. Reminiscent of the one from the original GameCube, this compact, full-color booklet fits nicely in the Metroid Prime Remastered Switch case. Fans in the comment section praised RowanFN1’s work and were nostalgic for past generations of game manuals, and questioned why the publisher didn’t at least offer a digital PDF manual or the option to order a physical manual.

Custom Metroid Prime Remastered Manual on Nintendo Switch by u/RowanFN1 🙂 Aside from the lack of a manual, Metroid Prime Remastered received rave reviews when it launched on Nintendo Switch in late February, prompting players to list They wanted other classic GameCube titles to follow in its footsteps. Much of the praise went to Metroid Prime Remastered’s updated visuals and enhanced controls, and Nintendo struggled to keep up with the high demand for the game’s physical release. Like the 2002 original, Metroid Prime Remastered sends Samus to the abandoned world of Tallon IV to uncover a sinister plot of space pirates.

Sadly, while older Nintendo games may find their way back to life on the Switch like Metroid Prime, past generations of consoles have lost control due to modern technology eliminating the need for them and efforts to preserve the resources used to make them. The paper manual may be gone forever. That makes the efforts of fans like RowanFN1 all the more impressive, with their custom Metroid Prime Remastered manual serving as an impressive bridge between two different Nintendo eras. bridge.

Metroid Prime Remastered is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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