Meet Your Maker Release Time

Meet Your Maker, a new “build and raid game” from developer Behavior Interactive, launches on Tuesday, April 4th. There’s no doubt that many players will be very excited about this upcoming release, and some will want to get their game started and compete as soon as possible. This guide is for eager fans, and it will provide full details on when Meet Your Maker will be released.

Meet Your Maker PC Release Date

The Steam version of Meet Your Maker has a global release time, and PC players around the world can look forward to getting into the game on Tuesday, April 4th at 12PM ET. Release time for Europe is April 4 at 6pm CEST and Asia April 5 at 1am JST, which translates to other continental US timezones at :

PDT: April 4th 9am MDT: April 4th 10am CDT: April 4th 11am Meet Your Maker Console Release Time

While the console version of Meet Your Maker will be available to fans worldwide on April 4th, the exact release Times vary by location. More specifically, console players in the US will get access at 12:00AM ET, console players in Europe will get access at 10:00AM CEST, and console players in Asia will get access at 9:00AM JST . This means that Meet Your Maker players in the Eastern Hemisphere will get a head start, though not particularly significant.

meet  your  maker  release  time Please note that Meet Your Maker has been confirmed as PlayStation Plus Game of the Month for April. As a result, PlayStation Plus subscribers of all tiers will be able to try the game for free as soon as it launches. However, the game won’t support cross-play at launch, meaning those PS4 and PS5 owners won’t be able to team up with their Xbox and PC friends for the time being.

That said, the game has confirmed support for “crossover content,” which will allow players to raid all outposts regardless of which platform they were built on. So fans don’t have to worry about running out of content anytime soon, as there will be tons of unique and challenging levels waiting for them to tackle. If players get tired of dying in the brutal ocean of Outposts, they can always get their revenge by creating their own deadly levels in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker launches April 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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