Meet Your Maker: How to Rotate Items

When players build their Outposts in Meet Your Maker, they will sometimes want to rotate the blocks they place. While the way to do this is pretty clear when playing on PC, as the relevant controls appear on the left side of the screen, the rotation process is a little more complicated in the console version. In fact, some console players may not be clear on how to rotate items in Meet Your Maker, this guide is here to point them in the right direction.

Meet Your Maker: How to Rotate Objects

First, it is important to make sure that the object can only be rotated before placing it. So the first step in the process is to choose a project that can be rotated from the build menu. This could be a block, decal, prop, guard, or even certain traps that fans can move objects around the Meet Your Maker outpost after picking one up.

After selecting an object, Meet Your Maker players must hold down the more input indicated in the upper left corner of the screen. For clarity, this input is either L2 or LT, depending on the type of controller the player is using, and holding it rotates the selected object in a number of different ways. Specifically, fans can use the arrow keys to rotate items horizontally and vertically, and the joystick to rotate items clockwise and counterclockwise.

meet  your  maker  rotate  items It is worth noting that there is also a command in the spin control called Range Preview. To use this control, the player simply points the reticle at the placed trap and presses the appropriate input. This will cause a translucent red rectangle to appear in front of the trap, denoting its kill zone, which is useful for maximizing kills and speeding up progress in Meet Your Maker.

One last thing to mention is that the inability to rotate placed items means that Burial Site’s fixed items really cannot be changed in any way. For the uninitiated, these objects are the Foundation Blocks, GenMats, and Forsaken Tombs, which appear in every Meet Your Maker’s Burial Sites, and it’s wise to familiarize yourself with their location before starting to build. In fact, the fixed nature of these items means that players will need to plan their outposts around them, taking some time to figure out how to incorporate them into builds.

Meet Your Maker is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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