Meet Your Maker: How to Play Multiplayer Co-op

Base building and raiding are key parts of the Meet Your Maker experience, and especially for newcomers, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything to do. However, having friends around certainly eases this heavy load, and developer Behavior Interactive has made the game a lot more fun in this way.

Defensive and offensive moves are often made easier by teaming up with another capable player. For players who want to take advantage of this setup, here’s a guide on how to play co-op multiplayer in Meet Your Maker.

How to play co-op multiplayer in Meet Your Maker

How  to  Play  Multiplayer  Co-op  in  Meet  Your  Maker Getting into multiplayer games in Meet Your Maker is actually an easy and hassle-free affair. All players have to do is invite friends to join their game, and the team fun can begin. This can be done by pressing R3 on PlayStation, the right stick on Xbox, or Y on PC to bring up the friends list and send invitations to selected partners.

Plus, the game currently only supports two-player co-op, so massive raid parties aren’t expected just yet. Currently, the game doesn’t currently support cross-play, so PlayStation players won’t be able to enjoy raiding other outposts with their Xbox friends or any other configuration. It’s likely to become a feature in the future, but for now, only players within the same ecosystem will be able to team up.

Benefits of Playing Multiplayer Games in Meet Your Maker

In addition to letting another person do damage or repair, multiplayer in Meet Your Maker brings other very important benefits. The ability to revive each other means players will have more chances of success when conducting raids. The outpost had to be designed to be able to take on two invaders, not one, which only heightened the tension of such encounters.

Being able to explore and cover more ground is also handy when raiding larger outposts, as is the ability to deal with more traps and enemies. Regardless, even if it’s still fun alone, Meet Your Maker just got a whole lot more fun.

Meet Your Maker is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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