Meet Your Maker: How to Get More Weapons & Suits

When players start using Meet Your Maker, they will have access to a ranged weapon, a melee weapon, and an outfit. While the gear is totally usable, fans should eventually unlock more weapons and an additional set. This guide aims to explain exactly how this is done, and it will help fans expand their loadout options in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Creator: How to Unlock Weapons and Outfits

Players interested in unlocking new weapons and outfits in Meet Your Maker should start by playing the game tutorial. After learning the basics, fans of the base-building game will have access to their advisors, a group of characters who sit to the right of the command center. Among these characters are Chrona, the weapon advisor, and Prosarmogi, the suit advisor, whose positions are marked in the image below.

Once the advisor’s location is determined, Meet Your Maker players should feel free to interact with Chrona and Prosarmogi to peruse their additional offerings. Specifically, the Weapon Advisor can be used to unlock the Arc Barrier defense weapon; the Falconic Plasmabow ranged weapon; and the Sledgeblade melee weapon, while the Suit Advisor has a suit focused on melee and speed.

meet  your  maker  unlock  weapons  suits Fans shouldn’t expect to unlock all of these gear at once, though, as they have to be purchased along with batteries and parts. For the uninitiated, Cells are awarded every time a player evolves their Chimera or increases their Tribute level. While there’s a lot to be said about the details of these core progression systems, the important thing to know at the outset is GenMat, which is obtained by raiding and building levels in Meet Your Maker, which eventually leads to obtaining cells.

Regarding the parts needed to unlock weapons and suits, there is a chance for the material to drop on the ground when traps are destroyed or guards are dispatched during raids. Additionally, players can claim parts by returning the Meet Your Maker Outposts they built, as looters drop materials when killed.

meet  your  maker  unlock  weapons  suits One last thing to mention is that players can temporarily increase the drop rate of parts by activating the Weapon Advisor boost. This activation requires the consumption of Cells and Synthite, and is performed through the Boost tab that appears at the top of the screen when interacting with the character. It’s worth noting that while a Hardware Advisor Boost that increases GenMat rewards will speed up the acquisition of Cells, there is no Boost that only increases the number of Cells awarded.

Meet Your Maker is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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