Meet Your Maker: Burning Questions Answered

Meet Your Maker debuts in August 2022, with closed playtests and open betas giving players the chance to spend some time with the game after its release. While these opportunities reveal a lot about the game, fans may still have some lingering questions about this unique title. This guide aims to address some of these questions, and general details about Meet Your Maker can be found below.

What is Meet You Maker?

Meet Your Maker is a first-person action game where players build their own levels (Outposts) and play through Outposts made by other people. As fans participate in these events, they will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade characters (Guardians), weapons, and new items for their creations.

Where can you play Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker is launching on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

When is Meet Your Maker coming out?

Meet Your Maker will be available on Tuesday, April 4th. Meet Your Maker launches in the US at 12 noon ET on all platforms.

meet  your  maker  faq Is meeting your fellow makers free?

Meet Your Maker is not free to play and will cost $29.99 at launch. That said, it’s a PlayStation Plus Game of the Month for April. This means PlayStation Plus subscribers can play the game at no extra cost, provided they claim it by May 1, 2023.

Will Meet Your Maker come to Game Pass?

With Meet Your Maker launching via PlayStation Plus, some Xbox and PC owners may be wondering if it’s coming to Game Pass as well. Unfortunately for curious fans, there’s no word that the game will be added to the popular subscription service. However, Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is on Game Pass, and Meet Your Maker is definitely a possibility in the future.

Is Meet Your Maker multiplayer?

Meet Your Maker supports two-player co-op, allowing friends to team up to raid and build outposts.

meet  your  maker  faq Is Meet Your Maker crossplay?

Meet Your Maker does not support cross-play or progression at launch. The game does support “crossover content,” though, which allows players to raid outposts created on platforms other than their own.

Do you have to build to satisfy your manufacturer?

Players who are not interested in creating their own Meet Your Maker levels should definitely just play walkthroughs. However, fans can increase their rate of progress by building outposts, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

Will Meet Your Maker provide post-launch support?

Developer Behavior Interactive says it will support the game “for the long term,” and an early post-launch roadmap for Meet Your Maker has been released.

Meet Your Maker launches April 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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