Meet Your Maker: Best Weapons

There are five weapons in Meet Your Maker, but players start the game with only two of them. In fact, the other three weapons must be unlocked, a process that requires fans to consume cells and parts. Before players hand over their hard-earned materials, they may be wondering if these unlockable weapons are worth it, and this guide is here to shed light on that question by detailing the best weapons in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Creator: Best Ranged Weapons

meet  your  maker  best  weapons Of the two ranged weapons, the Volt Lancer is the best choice in most situations, as its ability to destroy traps from a distance is invaluable. As such, players should feel free to spend their Meet Your Maker materials on upgrading their starting weapons, and the extra ammo they get by doing so does make the Volt Lancer more powerful.

A brief look at the game’s other ranged weapon, the Falcon Plasma Bow, whose high ammo count is sure to be a boon in guard-high raids. However, not having the option to disarm traps from a distance makes the outpost harder to take, which is why Volt Lancer comes out on top. Players should plan on unlocking the Falconic Plasmabow at some point, though, although there are certainly better uses for Cells and Parts in the early stages of the game.

Know Your Creator: Best Melee Weapons

meet  your  maker  best  weapons The broadsword has a slight advantage among melee weapons, as its ability to pierce armor is generally more useful than the ability of a fury blade to deflect projectiles. In fact, while there are other ways to avoid projectiles besides deflecting them, such as dodging them or destroying traps before firing, having a quick and clean answer to armored guards is unique. That said, the longer swing delay of the broadsword is something Meet Your Maker players will need to get used to, and they should make sure to upgrade their weapons to keep the delay as low as possible.

meet  your  maker  best  weapons While the Volt Lancer and Sledgeblade combo is recommended as a default loadout for fans of base building games, the Arc Barrier is an interesting option to consider. To be sure, the ability to block hazards, including explosives, can be very useful in certain situations. Therefore, when players have some spare batteries and parts, they should add the Arc Barrier to their loadout options, and it is recommended to do this before spending materials on the Falconic Plasmabow.

Meet Your Maker is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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