Meet Your Maker: All Upgrades

Taking players into a post-apocalyptic setting and letting them relax on both sides of the coin, Meet Your Maker is a pretty unique game to say the least. While players benefit from raiding others, there are also many benefits to building a competent outpost that can fend off other players’ cunning and wipe them out in fun and bloody fashion.

Either way, it’s no easy feat, but the game doesn’t bog down players. For those who want to learn more about all the upgrades in Meet Your Maker and how they can benefit their success, this is the guide for you.

All upgrades in Meet Your Maker

All  Upgrades  in  Meet  Your  Maker The key to all upgrades is the Shelter, which is a safe area for all players to go to interact with the Command Center. This is also where the Chimera advisors are located, each with the necessary upgrades to function in various areas :

Chrona – Weapons Elipida – Hardware Metamorph – Guards Prota – Traps Prosarmogi – Suits It is clear how players can use GenMat to further enhance their abilities in each area. For each specific upgrade series, players also receive boosts to further refine their playstyle.

Chrona – 10/20/30% increased Parts drop rate Elipida – 5/10/15% increased GenMat buff Metamorph – 5/10/20% increased Prestige gained by outposts Prota – 10/20/30 increased Synthite drop rate % Prosarmogi – Watchman I/II/III Crona

meet  your  maker  best  weapons Need some help improving your raid success? Supporting Chrona will see five different weapons that can be purchased alongside upgrades, and her boosts also ensure a healthier supply of parts is tapped to aid progression.


For players looking to round out their arsenal with more tools for raiding, Elipida will offer consumables like grenades, portable shields and even respawn beacons. The boost to GenMat earnings is also great.

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For defense, players don’t need to rely solely on traps, Metamorph can upgrade guards that can be placed around outposts. Fortify with a higher standard of defensive power, while enjoying better reputation buffs to maximize the output of your outpost.


Traps  in  Meet  Your  Maker The Prota is an excellent choice for players looking to master the trap game, as this advisor specializes in damage tools that will become a fundamental part of any outpost. Her boost in increasing Synthite benefits also contributes to reputation progression, so keep this Chimera in mind during any playthrough.


Prosarmogi, upgrades bring various benefits to the player’s suit, and new suits are also up for grabs. Boosting helps with raids, as each level of Watchman perk brings more raid info on matured outposts, from approximate numbers of guards and traps all the way up to showing the Reaper’s exact path, with the exact number of guards and traps .

Meet Your Maker is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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