Mass Effect Mod Lets Players Avoid Its Most Difficult Choice

Mass Effect players showed off a mod that would allow players to avoid having to choose between Kaiden and Ashley. The Mass Effect series is no stranger to presenting players with tough choices, but sometimes it’s better to choose the happier ending.

While player choice is at the heart of a Mass Effect game, not every choice is easy to make. While not every decision has long-term consequences, the great thing about the Mass Effect games is that it’s hard to know exactly what will and won’t, keeping players on their toes at all times. When the series was first released, it set the gold standard for role-playing games with lasting influence and became one of the first RPGs to attempt to span the trilogy. While it’s not always successful, when it works, it’s one of the most influential video game creations of all time.

The post was made by Redditor Ghost_Hunter45, who is using the Virmire Savior mod to avoid the decision to save Ashley or Kaidan. With this Mass Effect mod, players can save both, and there’s even special dialogue about a feat that Shepard manages to seem to salvage from the game’s cut content. As love interests, Ashley and Kaidan are some of the more interesting characters in Mass Effect, and it’s always a shame to lose a character so early in a trilogy that spans hundreds of hours. However, this is no longer the case with this mod.

Thanks to the Virmire Survivor mod, I no longer have to choose between Kaidan and Ashley u/Ghost_Hunter45 The game is not designed to have both at the same time. Fortunately, a Redditor pointed out that the Virmire Survivor mod is also available for the other two games, and the mod authors have planned for every eventuality. According to users, the pair are even featured in Mass Effect 3’s incredible Citadel DLC, and while they may not be able to interact with each other due to mod restrictions, it’s still nice to have them partying together.

When Mass Effect 4 is finally released, it’s unclear if BioWare plans to canonize the Virmire survivors. Fan-favorite character Liara appears to be confirmed for Mass Effect 4, and it’s clear the developer plans to touch on the original trilogy character in some way, so it will be interesting to see how it handles the Virmire situation. With the game likely years away from release, it will take some time for BioWare to come to the best conclusion to the story.

Mass Effect : Legendary Edition is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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