Marvel’s Spider-Man’s ‘No Killing’ Workaround Has a Fatal Flaw

Marvel’s Spider-Man fans have noticed how flawed the logic of the friendly superhero not killing his enemies is. Many superheroes don’t like to mortally wound their enemies to separate themselves from their villains, but according to this Marvel’s Spider-Man fan, that’s far from the case with Peter Parker.

Marvel’s Spider-Man originally launched on PS4 in 2018, before being remastered and brought to PS5 and PC. The game allows players to become Spider-Man while freely traveling through New York City, using all the powers a superhero possesses. Since its release, many gamers have loved the game and received high reviews. The game’s success spawned a sequel, and luckily for game fans, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming soon, according to a leak.

A Reddit user named Return of the Mac 100 posted on the Spider-man PS4 subreddit, exposing the flaws in Spider-Man’s friendly approach to keeping enemies safe after defeating them. According to a Reddit user, when Spider-Man’s enemies fall from great heights, they don’t fall to their deaths; they are whipped into the nearest brick wall during a high-speed fall, possibly breaking several bones and causing internal bleeding. The Reddit user argued that even if they survived, spider webs don’t last forever, so sooner or later Spider-Man’s enemies will fall to the ground and die anyway, which according to the Reddit user is a form of long-term torture. Even though the game has been out for a while, players will still find small details in Marvel’s Spider-Man and debate parts of the game.

The Reddit post garnered some attention among members of the subreddit, with many users sharing their thoughts on the matter. Several Reddit users shared their thoughts, and more than one came to the same conclusion. Most agree that since the network disappears after a few hours, unless someone gets there on time, the criminals will die no matter what Peter Parker tries to save them. A small detail in Marvel’s Spider-Man could change how players think about superheroes.

Other Reddit users argued that criminals should be thankful they didn’t face a version of Batman from the Batman Arkham series. Batman is known for delivering brutal knockdowns and long combos to many enemies without inflicting fatal damage on them, which is impressive considering the Dark Knight’s relentless fighting style. Marvel’s Spider-Man’s combat is similar to Batman’s Arkham, so it’s no surprise that both franchises have raised questions about how heroes keep criminals alive.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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