Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Dev Details How Character Switching Works

Players can indeed switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Insomniac just shed some light on how it works. With both Spider-Man heroes confirmed as playable characters after their respective Spider-Man 2 appearances, fans have been wondering how Insomniac will handle alternating deadly villains between Peter and Miles in their latest battle to protect New York City , such as Venom and Kraven the Hunter.

During last week’s PlayStation Showcase livestream, those fans finally got a glimpse into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s potential character switching mechanics. At the end of the show, Insomniac showed off a new Spider-Man 2 trailer in which Peter, donning his new symbiote costume, slams down Kraven’s minions as they hunt the lizards down. After this furious fight, Peter calls Miles to tell him of Kraven’s plan, which leads to a button prompt to transfer control to the young Spider-Man as he searches for a mutated Connor in Harlem Dr. Si.

This seems to confirm that players will manually switch controls between Peter and Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and now Insomniac is shedding light on how this will work. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar explained that the game’s story will switch between Spider-Man at set moments. However, players will also be able to switch heroes at will while exploring the open world of New York City, with certain side quests and other content designed specifically for Peter or Miles.

peter  parker  and  miles  morales  spider-men Intihar also noted that this role switch will be tied to three different skill trees in Spider-Man 2, which provide Peter with symbiote-enhanced powers, Miles with electric venom blast abilities, and a standard set The spider skills, both are web-hands-off sharing. He said his team wanted to give players a sense of familiarity when alternating between the two Spider-Men while allowing for the flexibility to upgrade their mobile units. Intihar declined to comment when asked if Spider-Man 2 would feature parts of other characters, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man’s controversial Mary Jane segment.

One of the many areas of discussion among fans is whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will let players switch controls between Peter and Miles at will, to the extent that some imagine the game using a system similar to that in Grand Theft Auto V. Now Insomniac has revealed how the mechanic works, with players locked onto a single Spider-Man during story missions and switching freely during free-to-explore. This could add a whole new replayability element to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as Peter and Miles each have their own side quests and secrets to uncover as they roam New York City.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out this fall, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 platform.

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