Marvel Snap: The Best Titania Decks

“Manipulation” is the word used to describe the Titania deck in Marvel Snap. This Pool 3, 1-Cost, 5-Power card is a cunning double agent who changes sides every time her position is played. However, she always serves the player, only changing sides when needed.

Once again, building a strong, consistent meta deck with Titania is more challenging than it sounds. Marvel Snap players have tried many combinations to narrow down the options to arrive at the best lineup. Here are the results: of the best Titania decks that have stood the test of time and gameplay.

Best Titanium Dioxide Deck in Marvel Snap Pool 3

image  showing  best  cards  for  titania  decks  in  marvel  snap. To build the best Pool 3 Titania deck, players should team her up with Magik, Quinject, Sunspot, Armor, Viper, The Hood, Shang-Chi, Moon Girl, and Green Goblin. They also want to add She-Hulk and The Infinaut as terminators.

The ideal strategy for this deck is to manipulate the opponent’s position with Titania, Viper and Green Goblin. Along the way, Magik changes player-favorite positions, Sunspot, Armor, and The Hood support the team, and Shang-Chi, She-Hulk, and The Infinaut end the game.

Best Titania Control Deck in Marvel Snap

Since Titania is suitable for control strategies, she creates excellent synergy with control cards such as Black Widow, Viper, Doctor Octopus, Debri, Green Goblin and Spider-Man. Players can put these cards together and complete the deck with Hood, Sunspot, Carnage, Mojo and Monk Chi to get the best Titania Control lineup.

With this control deck, the goal is to jam enemy positions with cards like Debrii, which adds rocks to positions; Spider-Man, who blocks positions for one turn with his web; and Doctor Octopus, who draws four cards. The side quest is to enhance Carnage and Mojo with the help of Sunspot and The Hood. In this deck, Green Goblin is a distraction for enemies, especially when paired with Viper. Shang-Chi acts as a finisher card, strategically clearing a blocked line.

Best Titania Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap

killmonger  cards While Titania isn’t the best card for a Destruction deck, she can be mixed with 1-Cost Killer cards like Killmonger for strategic destruction. To build a solid Titania Destroy deck, players need to add Hood, Ebony, Daredevil, Viper, Green Goblin, and Juggernaut to their lineup. They should also include Storm, Debrii, and Spider-Man to manipulate the location, but focus on feeding Killmonger and finishing with America Chavez.

Daredevil plays a vital role in this Titania deck. Players can take on him on the fourth round, thus revealing the opponent’s fifth round moves. Also, they should combine Viper and Green Goblin to disrupt their strategy while feeding The Hood and Titania to Killmonger. In this deck, Ebony, Storm, Debry, Spiderman, and Juggernaut are support cards that come into play when the opponent has to be blocked.

Marvel Snap is now available for PC and mobile.

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