Marvel Snap Players Will Get New Version of Broken Card for Free

The popular digital card game Marvel Snap is giving players a new version of Kitty Pryde Solitaire for free. Marvel Snap is where players build decks of Marvel superheroes and villains and compete against each other. As the game develops, new locations and cards are added frequently to keep up with the monthly connection theme. Players benefit from each new card released each season as they create new combinations for the current Marvel Snap deck.

However, with frequent updates to Marvel Snap, both bug fixes and new content like card varieties, players may face new issues. One incident in particular affected the first version of Kitty Pryde, which debuted in March but was promptly pulled by Marvel Snap due to several issues.

Users have reported issues with the initial version of Kitty Pryde cards, causing crashes during gameplay. Marvel Snap responded to inquiries about the card on Twitter, listing flaws for Lockjaw, The Collector, and Beast. According to lead game designer Glenn Jones, fixing the cards required a complete redesign of the game. Therefore, the developers decided to distribute the new version of the card to all players for free. The new version of the cards will be released before the May 9th game patch. In the meantime, players can enjoy this month’s update, which includes quality-of-life improvements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.

To compensate players for the inconvenience, Second Dinner is giving away 8,000 tokens and a Kitty Pryde Base Avatar to all Kitty owners, whether they purchased the card or found it in the Marvel Snap Collector’s Cache. The update also introduces new game board effects, as well as rotations for Ultimate variants. The game will also stop awarding Season Pass XP if users play more than 10 hours a day, encouraging them to take breaks and shuffle their decks offline.

Kitty Pryde is a popular character and her Marvel Snap card from the X-Men3: Days of Future Past season was highly anticipated by fans of the game. Marvel Snap players will be happy to know they’ll get a new and improved Kitty Pryde card for free. The game’s developers are committed to keeping the game fresh and exciting for players, and are constantly working to improve the game’s functionality and balance. With new cards and updates being added regularly, many fans feel that there is always something new to discover in the world of Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is now available for PC and mobile.

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