Marvel Snap Player Finds the Perfect Galactus Counter

A Marvel Snap player managed to pull off a perfect counterattack against Galactus. Known in the Marvel Snap community as one of the most destructive cards, Galactus will destroy other locations as well as cards placed below them if he is the only one playing in a location.

Galactus is often seen in many Destruction decks. Marvel Snap players often pair him with cards like Wolverine and Nimrod because even after Galactus (or whatever destroying card) blows them up, they can respawn elsewhere. Therefore, it is important for players to prevent their opponents from playing this card, either by filling the field, or by canceling the Galactus reveal effect through Cosmo.

Meanwhile, Marvel Snap player ChemistResident2348 found a creative way to stop Galactus. In a 27-second Reddit video, it shows them playing Titania and then Zero on X-Mansion. What this does is activate Titania’s effect, and every time a card is played in the same position as hers, she switches sides, essentially taking the opponent’s position and preventing Galactus from nuking other positions. ChemistResident2348 wins immediately after the opponent retreats.

In the comments, many Marvel Snap players celebrated the Galactus counter, calling it “diabolically beautiful” and “the greatest thing” they’d ever seen. Still others have shared their own videos and tips against Galactus decks, like using Spider-Man and Professor X in open slots to prevent your opponent from playing any cards.

One could argue that ChemistResident2348’s win was pure luck, especially since players won’t know exactly what cards their opponents are laying down at any given moment. But anyone who’s spent a lot of time playing Marvel Snap and studying its metadata probably has an idea of how certain decks work and what their win conditions are. Sometimes it’s just a matter of creativity of one’s strategy to figure out the most effective way to use the given cards and positions to win.

It’s also understandable why many players might be wary of destroying decks these days, as Galactus has become a popular choice for turn six. While the Second Supper had already nerfed Galactus earlier this year by taking a point from his powers, the developer said it would be evaluating whether the card needed further tweaks. With Marvel Snap regularly updating card balances recently, players may or may not see Galactus on that list in the future. Even better, Marvel Snap might be rolling out another anti-Galactus card.

Marvel Snap is available now for mobile and PC.

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