Marvel Snap: All Pool 3 Cards

Pool 3 is unlocked at collectible level 486, and collectors have a 50% chance of getting a mystery card from the set in a treasure chest. What makes these cards so special is that they gradually become rarer.

In fact, unlocking all Series-3 heroes requires a maximum of 3500 CL. Still, fans might be wondering what awaits them in the third pool. To that end, here’s a complete list of all eighty-seven Pool 3 cards in the Marvel Snap.

Each Pool 3 Card in a Marvel Snap

image  showing  some  of  the  most  important  cards  in  pool  3 marvel  snap. Pool 3 has 87 cards considering exclusive cards and move cards. Of these, 47 are cards with the On Reveal ability, 17 are cards with the Ongoing ability, and 23 are cards without the ability. Additionally, Pool 3 cards have an average cost of 3.48 and an average power of 4.25.

Pool 3 is constantly expanding thanks to Series Drop. Each season, new cards of higher tiers are added to Series 3.

Adam Warlock Aero Agatha Harkness Arnim Zola Baron Mordo Beast Black Bolt Black Cat Black Widow Brood Captain Marvel Cerebro Colleen Wing Crossbones Crystal Dagger Daredevil Deadpool Death Debrii Destroyer Doctor Doom Doctor Octopus Dracula Drax Electro Falcon Gambit Green Ghost Rider Hela Hab Goose GiHuganto man Torch Invisible Woman Jane Foster Juggernaut Kingpin Leader Lockjaw Magik Magneto Maximus Miles Morales Spider-Man Mister Negative Mojo Moon Knight Mysterio Mystique Nick Fury Omega Red Patriot Polaris Psylocke Quake Quinjet Red Skull Rescue Rockslide Rogue Ronan the Accuser Sera Spider-Man Taskmaster Thop The Hop Venom Viper Wasp Wong Yellow Jacket Zero Luke Cage She-Hulk Titania Absorbing Man Helicarrier Maria Hill Agent Coulson M’Baku Attuma Orka Pool 4 cards moved to series 3

With each season of Marvel Snap some cards are moved from pool 4 to pool 3. This is called a series drop. Orka, Attuma, and M’Baku move down to pool 3 in early 2023. Previously, Luke Cage, She-Hulk, Titania, Absorbing Man, Helicarrier, Maria Hill, and Agent Coulson were added.

How to Get Pool 3 Cards in Marvel Snap

marvel-snap-red-skull-thanos-she-hulk-nerfs Currently, the only sustainable way to get set 3 cards is to buy them with tokens. Collection levels 500 to 999 only have a 50% chance of getting a Mystery Pool 3 card. For CL 1000+, this chance drops to 25%. It’s hard to get one in cache or on hold.

Pool 3 Card Statistics

Destroyer and Red Skull are the best Pool 3 cards in terms of strength. Each of them has 15 strength. Agatha Harkness and Giganto with a power of 14, Magneto and Death with a power of 12 are the second and third strongest cards. In terms of strength, the weakest Pot 3 card is the Green Goblin, which has a strength of -3. The highest cost card in pool 3 is Death, which costs 9. With a win rate of 68.78%, Helya is the best performing pool of 3 cards when played. The best performing card on the flop is the Patriots with a 60.23% win rate. With 548,093 games played, Aero is the most popular card in Pool 3 decks. Marvel Snap is now available for PC and mobile.

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