Lucky Elden Ring Player Gets Help Killing Invader From Unexpected Source

One lucky Elden Ring player receives help from an unexpected source while defeating the invaders. Similar to some other games from developer FromSoftware, Elden Ring allows gamers to play with or against other users, and it even has dedicated arenas for fans to engage in PvP action.

Elden Ring also features an Hacking mechanic that allows players to Hack other people and try to sabotage their progress, but some fans have developed clever strategies to defeat Hacking Users in unusual ways. For example, one Elden Ring fan cleverly used the Flame Chariot enemy type to deal massive damage to raiders and win easily. On the other hand, some events were unplanned, as a player received help from an unusual source in the process of defeating an invading opponent.

Reddit user MeAlXmEaC shared a video of their unexpected encounter with an intruder, which shows players being invaded while attempting to topple a walking mausoleum in Elden Ring. MeAlXmEaC managed to bring it down, and the video shows them rushing away from the scene, presumably to avoid the debris and find the intruding user. The intruders were spotted just behind MeAlXmEaC, but the walking mausoleum fell on top of them, killing them instantly. Lucky Elden Ring players were rewarded at the end of the battle, but the battle ended before both players had a chance to engage in it.

A number of users in the comments section mentioned that the Invasion players should have seen it coming, with one fan calling them idiots for walking right under the walking mausoleum when it collapsed. Elden Ring fans don’t seem to like the intruders, and others say no amount of energy can save them from this unexpected death.

The Walking Tombs in Elden Ring serve an important purpose, as they can be used to duplicate memorabilia players get from defeating bosses. This feature will help users get both of the boss’s weapons, but fans will need to take them down first by shooting them or hitting the deposits on their legs. Some users have noticed that MeAlXmEaC uses a bow for this purpose, as it may make the process easier. Players can also walk around on torrents and swing on deposits, but this method seems to be more effective at destroying the walking tombs in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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