Lost Ark: Azure Wind Island Guide

Lost Ark features a significant open world with many unique and beautiful locations. Even a few days is not enough to visit all the wonderful places in the Lost Ark. However, in the process of exploring the map, Qingfeng Island and other places should still be given priority.

Players can learn about the information about Qingfeng Island in the Lost Ark by reading this guide. This guide will cover Ark Qingfeng Island from the location to all mission rewards.

Lost Ark Bifeng Island how to find the location Raiders

Lost  Ark  Azure  Wind  Island  Guide  (1) The Isle of Blaze in the Lost Ark is so small that most players won’t notice it while playing the game. It’s located in the lower left corner of the map, near the continent of Yorn. So, before going to Qingfeng Island, let’s go to Yon first.

Once in Jorn, fans should head northeast as far as possible and sail in the same direction as the boat. It might take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

Also, Qingfeng Island is not accessible to everyone. Requires item level 840 to enter. Therefore, it is impossible to quickly land on this beautiful island in the initial stages of the game.

Lost Ark Qingfeng Island Quest

Bifeng Island, in addition to beautiful scenery and fun games, there are also tasks. The table below lists all questlines that can be completed on this island :

Quests are given to NPC Dead Massana, the high-ranking priest with the mane of Qingfeng, the guardian of the grassland, and the once-blossoming Manarem grass fairy Arone. In addition to the main mission, Qingfeng Island also has 15 sprint missions and 7 puzzle-solving missions , 6 riddle quests, and 7 music/expression quests. It is almost impossible to get bored on this island.

Finally, Qingfeng Island will start the last side mission “Flower Return”. Can’t boast of any good returns, but the position must be 100% complete.

Lost Ark Blue Wind Island Rewards

Lost  Ark  Azure  Wind  Island  Guide  (2) The most important thing about Qingfeng Island is the rewards that can be obtained. The list below will help to find all rewards from island:

139 Ornate Guardianstone Chests 98 Ornate Doomstone Chests 51040 Silver Mount : Cloud Steed Potion of Courage Potion of Goodness Potion of Wisdom Potion of Charm 2 Crates with Leapstones Horse Mount Lost Ark Available on GeForce Now and PC.

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