Like a Dragon: Ishin – Chicken Racing Guide

Chicken Racing is a gambling mini game from Like a Dragon: Ishin. This is a race held in the Rakugai area where players bet on the fastest racer for a chance to win tokens. These tokens can later be redeemed for prizes at the Gambling Den.

To participate in a chicken race, players must buy a ticket, place a bet on one or more chickens, and start the race. The maximum tokens they can wager per game is 300. But there is no upper limit to how many they can bet at the same time.

Despite its straightforward description, the chicken race in Yakuza is quite complex. It comes with an extensive betting system that works on racer statistics (health, popularity, class, etc.) and is nothing like the basic betting games in the Yakuza franchise. It takes a lot of time to master its odds. Here’s the complete Chicken Racing guide to help you figure that out.

Chicken Ticket Explained

Like a Dragon: Ishin, players need to buy tickets to bet on chicken. There are three types of tickets, each allowing a different type of gambling : Single (bets on one racer), Quinella (bets on two racers) and Exacta (bets on three to five racers) .

A single win lottery lets bettors bet on one chicken, and it has to be the winning one. Quinella tickets allow betting on two chickens : winner and runner up. Exacta is a multipurpose lottery for betting on three or more chickens. But the prediction should be in the correct order. Gamblers who want to place multiple bets in different sectors should visit the bonus list where they can see all available bets. There is also an option to modify all running bets called “Check Ticket” which shows a summary of the current game.

chicken race data interpretation

image  explaining  the  chicken  race  stats  in  like  a  dragon  ishin. Chicken – or more accurately, racer – has four stats : Condition, Forecast, Payout and Past Results. Each of these numbers and symbols will prompt the beginner with information about the odds of winning, where conditions and past results are the most important.

Health status

Illustrated with colored arrows, ‘Cond.’ or Condition indicates the physical strength of the chicken. A rising arrow indicates good health; a downward arrow indicates fatigue.

past results

Displayed in three digits, Past results show the last three rankings of the racer, with the number to the left being the most recent. For example, 235 means that the chicken was runner-up in the last race, and in the races before that, it finished third and fifth.


In Chicken Race, a prediction is a summary of what other bettors think of a particular racer. A double circle represents strong support, a single circle represents moderate popularity, a triangle represents outside chances of winning, and an X represents unpopularity. However, the weakest chicken gets no symbols at all.


The numbers in the payout section show the betting ratio. Basically, winning players’ money is multiplied by this number, and the higher it is, the more tokens they get.

How to bet on chicken

To win every chick race, bet is on a racer who is red, has at least one double lap in the forecast and has won at least two of the last three races. But avoid spending your money on chicks competing in new divisions.

From the Race Schedule menu, press the triangle key (Y on Xbox) on a racer to view their race history. If the chicken seems to be better at running long distances, then don’t bet on it on short or medium distances – as this may be too slow for them.

To take advantage of the Chicken Racing game, save the scum. In other words, save the game outside the casino, bet all your money on multiple bets, and if you lose, load the game to get all your money back. Repeat the process of depositing slag until you get rich.

What to do with Chick Racing Tokens

Like  a  Dragon  Ishin_Best  Weapons Chicken contest winning prizes are tokens. To get the most out of your chips, head to a casino and trade them in for weapons or tradable plates. But the best thing to do is to reinvest tokens into mini games for extra profit.

Like Dragon: Ishin! Available now for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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