Lies of P Already Has a Bloodborne Mod

While Lies of P is still a few months away from being released, Round8 Studio’s action RPG has been treated to a mod that leans towards the game’s Bloodborne likeness. That’s thanks in large part to a new demo the upcoming Xbox Game Pass release received at Summer Game Fest 2023.

While its premise is to retell the story of Pinocchio in a darker way, the next game from the creator of Bless Unleashed is first and foremost a Souls-like game. Between that and the Victorian horror that permeates P’s Lie, the Korean developer can hardly escape the Bloodborne comparison.

The Lies of P demo is now even getting a Bloodborne mod, which expands on its similarity to FromSoftware’s hit PS4 exclusive. This work was created by Garden of Eyes, a team with a strong track record of modifying Bloodborne features to Elden Ring. P’s lie pushed these developers a little out of their comfort zone, not least because they marked the Neowiz-released role-playing game as one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Garden of Eyes then released its first Lies of P mod on June 14, which adds hunter weapons and armor from Bloodborne to the PC version of the gameplay demo.

Patreon backers of Garden of Eyes can use the mod, paying for the organization’s Hunter subscription tier, which costs $5 per month. Subscriptions get access to the team’s custom mod launcher and all its content, among other benefits. As for Garden of Eyes’ latest entry, the developer has promised to expand this Bloodborne content pack for Lies of P in the future.

But even this early version of the mod might help increase the demo’s replay value, which is already considerable. While the Hunter gear doesn’t look out of place in P’s lie, that’s not to say that Round8’s upcoming game title will simply be a knockoff of Bloodborne. Instead, the game’s demo has shown that Lies of P makes one of Bloodborne’s features more punishing, and that presumably won’t be its only unique spin on the Souls-like formula.

Another piece of evidence in support of this theory is that Round8 previously described the similarities between P’s lie and Bloodborne as largely unintentional. Still, the Neowiz-owned studio took the comparison to FromSoftware’s 2015 hit as an honor, and pledged to strive to deliver an experience worthy of fans’ growing expectations for the game.

Lies of P releases on September 19th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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