Kick Signs Yet Another Prominent Twitch Streamer

Kick, an upstart streaming platform that is rapidly gaining momentum, continues to make significant inroads in the streaming community as it successfully acquired another influential Twitch streamer. While Twitch has maintained its status as the leading streaming platform, playing a pivotal role in the success of many popular content creators, the industry is witnessing a surge in competition. Trainwreck-backed is one of the platforms making waves with a number of major signings.

Since its inception in December 2022, Kick has been steadfast in its pursuit of top Twitch streamers to grow its viewership. One of Kick’s standout advantages over streaming is its more lenient approach to prohibition, which includes no restrictions on gambling-related content. Additionally, Kick’s Creator Program surpasses Twitch’s as it gives streamers a 95% revenue share versus Kick’s 5%. While prominent Twitch streamers may not be overly concerned about Twitch’s revenue-sharing policies, given their sizeable earnings, a chorus of influential voices has criticized Twitch’s stricter policies, leading some streamers to move to other platforms.

In a notable announcement on May 31, popular Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff officially announced that he has teamed up with Twitch competitor Kick. The decision comes after BruceDropEmOff faced multiple Twitch bans throughout the year. The first ban lasted about 30 days and was implemented in late January, followed by a second ban on March 1 that lasted 3 days, and finally a third ban on May 3 that lasted 7 days. Interestingly, earlier this year, Adin Ross hinted that several high-profile streamers, including BruceDropEmOff, were transitioning to Kick.

This development holds great promise for Kick as it works to expand its audience. With an impressive 1.3 million Twitch followers, BruceDropEmOff’s presence on Kick is sure to make a big difference. While only time will reveal Kick’s long-term status in the streaming space, recent reports point to a notable surge in popularity. In fact, a recent report revealed that Kick is experiencing phenomenal growth in 2023, with its viewership surging 300% in just three months.

As the Kick continues its upward trend, it is important to highlight the big events that will take place in May 2023. During this period, another well-known streaming platform called Rumble gained attention by successfully striking deals with several well-known streamers such as Mizkif, Kai Cenat, and IShowSpeed. Interestingly, it is worth mentioning that Kick has also been actively Getting these guys signed underscores how competitive and competitive the streaming industry can be.

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