JiDion Shares His Mugshot

Former Twitch star Ji Dion shared the photo on social media. After a brief jail term for his alleged crimes during a Valentine’s Day prank, the permanently banned Twitch streamer has begun poking fun at the whole situation.

JiDion thrives on being a controversial influencer. Known for his mischief and unconventional content, he often gets caught up in mischief that ends up getting him in trouble, but he doesn’t seem to care. So far, JiDion has been banned from Twitch for inciting a hate attack on fellow streamer Pokimane, ejected and then banned from Wimbledon Stadium, removed from a furry convention in Atlanta, and now even arrested by the Houston Police Department. He even live-streamed his arrest and asked officers to pose for thumbnails.

Now, JiDion has come up with his latest antics. He shared his mugshot on social media with the hashtag NewProfilePic. Then, he even complained that Twitter wouldn’t let him change his avatar. The photo was taken after Ji Dion was arrested on April 16 for trespassing after he was accused of breaking into a class at the University of Houston. In the prank, he and host Damiyi presented the professor with flowers and a teddy bear and refused to leave when asked, interrupting her work.

In the comments to the tweet, several people made fun of the former Twitch influencer’s situation. Several people also edited mugshots for jokes, and user Aa_rons7 even made an Animal Crossing character based on him. Overall, JiDion seems to get what he wants with tweet: more engagement, even at the cost of his own misfortune.

Despite JiDion’s undeniable fame, with nearly 7 million followers on his YouTube channel, and perhaps because of it, JiDion is growing into a polarizing figure. JiDion has come under fire for sexism allegations since a Pokimane hate attack led to his initial ban from Twitch last year. Recent cases, including the one that got him arrested, have also involved hunting down women for “comic pranks”.

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