JiDion Reportedly Has a Warrant Out for His Arrest

Controversial internet influencer JiDion recently shared that he has a warrant for his arrest in Houston, Texas. The warrant, related to a YouTube prank he hacked into the University of Houston and refused to leave, is just the latest controversy surrounding the streamer after he was permanently banned from Twitch.

JiDion is a controversial figure. He launched his career back in 2018, making comedy videos focused on pranks and often going too far to gain traction on social media. He was also accused of sexism for inciting hate attacks against female online streamers like Pokimane, which led to his permanent ban from the platform. After the event, he contacted several other male streamers on the platform, such as Adin Ross and Ninja, for help, but failed to turn the situation around, and Twitch promptly upheld the ban.

Now, the former Twitch streamer has been told there is a warrant waiting for him in Houston. The Houston Police Department issued an order weeks after he broke into a college professor’s class to “prank” her, sending her flowers and a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day with influencer Damii. The professor kept the two away from the class and threatened to call security before they finally left. Now, the two men have been charged with criminal trespass for trespassing on university grounds.

However, there is not much information about the case at present. The influencer, who was banned from Twitch, hasn’t talked much about it after the initial tweet, and hasn’t actually been arrested so far. According to Dexerto, the case against JiDion is also currently listed on the police website as open, meaning the case has yet to be judged and authorities are not yet in a position to apprehend him. DiJion currently lives in Houston, so it’s unlikely he’ll be hiding from police for long.

The streamer’s situation looks dire, and it doesn’t appear to be improving lately. Last year, Ji Dion was evicted from his apartment and all his belongings were left outside. The incident, which occurred in the same year as the permanent Twitch ban, seemed to mark the beginning of JiDion’s personal problems and current downfall. Now that a warrant is in place, things could be even worse for him.

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