James Gunn's Creature Commandos Cast Adds Stars From Stranger Things And Game Of Thrones

Apparently, the world doesn’t know enough about Suicide Squad director James Gunn, and it doesn’t look like the public won’t have to wait long to enjoy more of his unique DC style. The cast of his upcoming animated series Biocommando has been announced, and it looks to be as eclectic as fans have come to expect.

After only offering a few updates for Creature Commandos recently, Gunn now has his biggest update yet. DC has announced the voice actors for this wacky looking series, and it’s packed with Shark King gills from big stars from bigger shows (note the : cast, unfortunately, doesn’t include King Shark, but pun too Well, can’t pass up). Popular series like Stranger Things and even Game of Thrones are featured here, so fans know they’ve got something good. Plus, Gunn is involved, so fans know they’re in for some weird stuff, too.

Collider reports that Biocommando’s cast will include Game of Thrones and Obi-Wan Kenobi starring Indira Varma as Frankenstein’s Bride, and is billed as the show’s lead actress. main character. She will be joined by David Harbor of “Stranger Things” fame, who aptly voices Eric Frankenstein, the character in Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein.” The real “monster” in Kenstein. However, it won’t be all classic horror characters. Also here is Frank Grillo, who jumped ship from his time as Brock Rumlow at Marvel Studios to DC to play Rick Flag Sr. ), whose son Rick Flagg Jr. (Joel Kinnaman) appears in Gunn’s 2021 hit “The Suicide Squad.”

Also in the cast is Zo Chao, who most recently appeared in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s The Afterparty. She will voice Nina Mazursky, a scientist who looks like a frog. Meanwhile, Firefly’s Alan Tudyk, still a veteran of voice acting, will play the radioactive Dr. Phosphorus. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm star Maria Bakalova is also here as Princess Ilana Rostovic. But the show will also feature some familiar voices, including Sean Gunn reprising his role as Weasel from Suicide Squad, as well as military droid G.I. Droid. Viola Davis plays the always intimidating Amanda Waller in the same film. Finally, Steve Agee will return as John Economos from Suicide Squad and the amazing Peacemaker series.

The first animated series in the current DC universe under the leadership of Gunn and Peter Safran, Creature Commandos features a familiar story that focuses on a group of misfit “monsters” working together. After the success of Suicide Squad, it makes sense that a project like this would inspire an adaptation of similar ideas. The series will be seven episodes long, with each episode reportedly being written by Gunn. If nothing else, it’s sure to raise some approving eyebrows.

Currently, Creature Commandos currently has no release date. But given the people involved, whatever it ends up keeping the ultimate fans waiting for, it’ll probably be well worth it. It’s always nice to see more of the slightly uncomfortable fun that Gunn is known for.

Biocommando is in pre-production at DC Studios.

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