Indiefoxx Streams on Twitch for the First Time in Nearly Two Years

Indiefoxx, the popular and often controversial Twitch streamer, returns to the platform after a nearly two-year hiatus. On April 4, Indiefoxx received unexpected notification that her Twitch ban had been lifted, allowing her to resume streaming. On April 16, she went live for the first time since her hiatus, and it appears her return has been well-received by fans.

Indiefoxx shot to fame on Twitch during the ASMR trend, which caused controversy on the platform. During that time, she gained over 2 million followers, but also faced numerous bans from Twitch. Indiefoxx’s channel was eventually permanently banned, which she admits was due to her streaming wardrobe.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded her in the past, Indiefoxx’s return to Twitch is a triumph. She received over 17,000 viewers on her first playback, which had nothing to do with hot tubs or ASMR. Indiefoxx, who has now renamed herself JenFoxx, seems excited about her return to the platform. In a tweet, she thanked Twitch for lifting her ban and promised her fans she wouldn’t “fuck up.” Many of her fans have expressed their support for her return and congratulated her on lifting the ban. Twitch had previously banned her six times for inappropriate behavior and policy violations.

However, it’s unclear if Indiefoxx will be able to maintain her ratings levels and continue streaming smoothly. Twitch recently banned popular streamer Meowri, so the platform may keep an eye on Indiefoxx content even after the suspension is lifted. The platform has strict policies on streaming and even recently banned gambling content, with violations potentially resulting in a permanent ban. Even though Indiefoxx is already streaming on YouTube, many are curious to know how she will maintain her ratings and avoid further controversy on Twitch.

Some hope she can maintain her success and continue to play regularly. Others were more skeptical, given Indiefoxx’s past Twitch bans. For Indiefoxx, Twitch strictly enforces its terms of service, and the future is uncertain. However, her return to the platform was seen as a positive step by fans. Many ASMR and popular streamers, including Amouranth, have previously received bans from Twitch, and many have since turned to Twitch competitor Kick or changed their streams to evade further bans. However, Indiefoxx did not indicate whether she would be moving to another platform.

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