Human: Fall Flat The Dreams Collection Rated by ESRB

A special edition of Human: Fall Flat has leaked online. This is all thanks to an early decline in its ESRB rating.

First released in Summer 2016, Human: Fall Flat is a Puzzle-Platformer game developed by Tomas Sakalauskas and published by Curve Digital, available in both Single and Multiplayer modes. It was originally exclusive to PC, Mac, and Linux, but has since been ported to all other relevant platforms, including mobile devices. Lacking a proper story, but featuring a simple Play-Doh art style, the game is level-based, with the player controlling Bob to solve a number of open-ended puzzles to progress. While Bob is a normal everyman, there are many outfits and colors that can be unlocked to customize him to your liking. Despite a mixed reception at launch, the game sold more than 30 million copies within the next five years and is considered an inspiration for others of its kind.

According to the ESRB, a new version of the game called Human: Fall Flat The Dreams Collection is currently in development with an unknown release date. While the short summary only describes the gameplay of the original and doesn’t mention any new content, the new version has been rated E for Everyone, albeit without a content descriptor.

human  fall  flat  esrb  rating See how the various free updates to the game over the years have added new levels and achievements, this could just be a final version with all the DLC in it for a similar price to the original up to Tomb Raider : Definitive Edition . Such a concept isn’t unheard of in today’s gaming industry, with nearly every top-selling AAA game being conveniently re-released a year later. Sometimes, games without DLC may even be re-released with entirely new content.

This isn’t the first time a new game or re-release of an existing game has been implicitly announced thanks to a ratings site, let alone the ensuing lengthy radio silence. Fans are still waiting for an update on the Batman: Arkham Collection to Nintendo Switch port, though several other leaked ports to the hybrid console have proven to be the real deal. Only time will tell how long the gap between this leak and the official announcement is.

Human: Fall Flat The Dreams Collection has not yet been officially announced.

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