How To Make Stairs In Terraria

Terraria allows players to build their bases however they see fit. While base building is an important part of Terraria, some players like to experiment with outlandish designs, which would be impossible without stairs.

Stairs in Terraria allow players to create stairs that connect different floors. Unfortunately, many players don’t know how to build stairs, preventing them from building a unique base that suits their playstyle. Luckily, this guide will cover everything there is to know about making stairs in Terraria, along with other useful tidbits.

How to make stairs in Terraria

Stairs  in  Terraria Players need the following items to craft stairs in Terraria:

Wooden Hammer Platform Pickaxe (Optional) After players get these items, all they need to do is :

Go to where you need to place the stairs. Place platforms of any shape, but diagonal stairs are the most common. After placing the platform choose the wooden hammer. Click or tap the platforms to connect them, making stairs. Players can use a pickaxe to destroy parts of platforms or stairs

How to make stairs items in terraria

Terraria, Heavy  Work  Bench Players can follow the steps below to make the items needed for stairs in Terraria :

wooden hammer

Use a Workbench to craft a Wooden Hammer from eight pieces of wood.


Players need the exact materials to craft the stairs they need. e.g.

Players will need wood to build wooden platforms. Players will need bones to build bone platforms. Players will need Bamboo to build Bamboo Platforms.pick

Terraria provides players with a variety of pickaxes to choose from, but players can craft the simplest one, the Iron Pickaxe. Use a crafting bench to craft an iron pickaxe using three pieces of wood and twelve iron bars.

How long does it take to build stairs in Terraria?

Depending on the platform type, this process may take from a few minutes to hours or even days. The time it takes to make stairs varies, eg planks are easier to place and move than stone, etc. Also, the complexity of the design will also affect the time it takes to craft stairs in Terraria. Players should expect complex designs to take longer than going up and down stairs.

Terraria is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Wii U, macOS, Linux, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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