How To Make A Chest In Terraria

Terraria is a role-playing game that takes players into a magical world where they must complete quests and slay monsters. Like any other RPG, Terraria is all about itemization. Players will encounter a large number of objects, from furniture to beds.

While Terraria offers a lot about items, player inventories are limited. It’s fair that players can only carry a few things, which is why they need to craft a chest to keep items safe for later use. Players who don’t know how to make a chest in Terraria will be happy to know they’ll learn about it and more in this guide.

How to make treasure chests in Terraria

Chests  in  Terraria Terraria offers 42 different types of chests, but only 27 can be crafted. Chests have simple recipes that can be obtained early in the game, but there are also some that can be obtained later. To make a chest in Terraria follow these steps :

Craft a workbench. Gather the resources needed to craft the chest, which are eight pieces of wood and any two iron ingots. Stand near the workbench and open the inventory. Look for the chest icon and select it in the crafting menu. In addition to standard chests, players can also use different resources to craft different types of chests, such as :

Cactus Chest – Eight cacti and any two iron ingots. Ebony Chest – Eight Ebony Wood and any two Iron Ingots. Granite Chest – Eight blocks of smooth granite and any two iron ingots. Marble Chest – Eight Smooth Marble Blocks and any two Iron Ingots. Sandstone Chest – Eight smooth sandstone blocks and any two iron ingots. Flesh Chest – Eight Flesh Blocks and any two Iron Ingots.Uncraftable Treasure Chest

a  promo  picture  for  Terraria  showing  a  person  in  armor  with  a  torch  in  their  hand Some chests cannot be crafted, but are randomly generated in the Terraria world. These randomly generated chests can be found in underground layers, biomes, and caves. Randomly generated chests offer rare items and several common items.

On the other hand, some chests can be converted into a mech. These chests cannot be used to store items, but will notify the player, open doors and light sources, or activate traps when triggered. Also, The Dead Man’s Chest may contain Gold Chest loot, but is equipped with traps to kill the player. Also, some enemies are shown as boxes.

Terraria is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS, PC and more.

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