Horizon Forbidden West Releases Update 1.25

Update 1.25 for Horizon Forbidden West is now live, and it fixes various issues with the game. Horizon Forbidden West received positive reviews when it launched in February 2022, and developer Guerrilla Games released an expansion pack called Burning Shores in April 2023.

Guerrilla Games has rolled out several patches to Horizon Forbidden West since the game’s inception, fixing bugs and adding new features. For example, Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.21 patch added some useful quality-of-life improvements, such as an option to allow users to automatically pick up loot, as well as a Oceanophobia mode and other accessibility features. Patch 1.25 for Horizon Forbidden West is out now and aims to fix various issues in different parts of the game.

The full patch notes for Horizon Forbidden West update 1.25 detail fixes for various issues related to its main quest, side events, performance, UI, and more. This update fixes a bug in the Burning Shores DLC main story, such as players not marking some objectives as completed despite completing them. As far as open world events go, Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.25 patch fixes an issue that caused chests to spawn below geometry, as well as a few issues that prevented players from progressing further.

This update also fixes an issue where the weapon wheel was displaying the incorrect amount of ammo for the Specter Gauntlet. For gamers who haven’t played the DLC yet, the Specter Gauntlet is a new weapon added in the Burning Shores expansion pack, and it’s one of the best new weapons in Aloy’s arsenal, alongside the Emperor’s Reign Hunter Bow. Finally, patch 1.25 for Horizon Forbidden West fixes a few miscellaneous issues, such as cases where the wrong sound effect was playing when picking up a dye flower.

Guerrilla Games has released several updates for Horizon Forbidden West since the release of the Burning Shores DLC. Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.24, which was released on May 17, also contains a large number of fixes, and update 1.25 looks to be on a similar level. While many of these patches were aimed at addressing issues present in the new expansion, there were also patches that made other general improvements to the game.

Fans of the series should note that a sequel to Horizon Forbidden West is currently in development at the studio. Since Sony hasn’t officially announced the game, not much is known about the game, and a sequel could be years away.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.25 Patch Notes

Fixes and improvements

main mission

Fixed laser VFX for defense drones not being visible after a death/restart checkpoint in “To The Burning Shores”. Fixed an issue preventing the “Find the way to the Tower” objective from being completed if the player destroys the pull-out ceiling prematurely in “To the Burning Shore”. Fixed an issue in Heaven and Earth where leaving the Observatory before the objective of “Find the Dispenser” had updated causing the Dispenser to be non-interactive, conditionally blocking progress. Fixed an issue in “Heaven and Earth” where entering the code to open Rondra’s private room before the objective was updated to “Find the Door Code” caused the objective to not update correctly. Fixed an issue where Zenith Tower’s shells could not kill Aloy and Seyka in “Heaven and Earth – Fly to Star Rising”, causing awkward swimming back to land. Fixed an issue in “For His Amusement” where opening the Armory door while Seyka was fighting in the main courtyard could cause her to idle, which could hinder progress. Fixed “His Last Act” quest objective “Meet Seka at Fleet’s End” not having a quest marker on Seka. Fixed Seka’s bow floating next to Seka in “His Last Scene”. Fixed an issue where Defense Drones could be looted twice. side quest

When Gildun hugs Aloy, stop Gildun’s hand from combing Aloy’s hair. Fixed Aloy being able to place a Pullable Box halfway through an elevator exit in “Friends in the Dark”, which would conditionally prevent further progress if the player jumped off. world events

Fixed several chests that were located under ground geometry. Fixed Aloy saying she was “receiving another signal” after completing an aerial capture of : South. Fixed an issue in Cauldron THETA where if a player made progress in the first room of the Cauldron, went back to the entrance and back, their progress would be reset and double ticked. machine

Fixed Stingspawn’s eyes shining in the distance, but the Stingspawn itself was not visible. Fixed Stormbird repeatedly using the “Thunder Dive” attack without triggering the cooldown. Fixed an issue where flying out and immediately returning to the Burning Shores area would cause the player to respawn in mid-air without a mount, possibly resulting in a fall death. Fixed Ripper appearing to twist in the air. arms

Fixed an issue where if Aloy was forced to holster her weapon due to a status effect while aiming the indicator, the weapon wheel would show the incorrect ammo amount for the Specter Glove. Acid resistance boost for Quen Deadeye, Quen Commander, Blacktide Quen Commander and Tenakth Vanquisher reduced by 10% to bring acid resistance in line with other elements Fixed Aloy not being able to equip weapon after Clamberjaw attack. UI/UX

Fixed an issue in Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow where, after reloading an autosave, the battery station in the cart and trim room showed a dead indicator where the battery was charged. performance and stability

Added several crash fixes. Fixed several locations where players could get stuck. other

Fixed Aloy wearing a diving mask during both cutscenes of the main mission “Death’s Door” in the New Game Plus playthrough. Removed a set of floating climbing poles in the Hollywood Hills. Picking up Dye Flowers no longer produces the jar collection sound effect instead of the correct sound effect. Horizon Forbidden West is out now on PS4 and PS5.

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