Horizon Forbidden West: Need to Know Walkthrough

While Horizon Forbidden West brings Aloy into unfamiliar territory, that doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t have allies. In the process of completing the main storyline and side quests, players will encounter some familiar faces from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Encountered such a character, Talanah, in the side quest “The Burning Blooms”.

Often side quests are standalone stories. However, “The Burning Blooms” is followed by “Need to Know” as Talanah continues her search for Amadis. For the next side quest, it is recommended that players be at least level 25 before starting. This guide will show Horizon Forbidden West players how to complete the Need to Know.

Talk to Tarana

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough2 Talanah awaits players at Camp Oseram, southwest of the base. An Oseram scout named Ragurt provides information on the Rot’s location, which is exactly what Amadis is looking for. To advance the quest, select the dialogue option “To the Rot”.

Meet Tarana outside the Mulberry Marsh

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough3 According to the information provided by Ragurt, follow the signs to the place where Talana outside Thornmarsh is waiting. Talk to her to trigger a cutscene in which Tarana confesses her motivation for finding Amadis.

Following Tarana, she eventually encounters Amadeus who is fighting a large Fireclaw. Help him kill it, then talk to him and Tarana. Select “Let’s move on” to advance the mission.

Follow Amadeus

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough4 After the cutscene, follow Amadis and Talanah to the Rot. There, they discover that the prison has been taken over by Rebel Tenakth. Rot is heavily guarded and it is not easy to get in.

how to get stuck

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough5 Approach the building and turn left towards the sea. Follow the wall and eventually come across a large opening with tall grass. There’s a lot of tall grass throughout the prison, so it’s easy to duck out of sight and sneakily kill any guards who get too close.

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough6 Use Focus to find the mechanism that controls the door. Use stones to distract guards who stand in your way, or try to kill them sneakily if possible. Approach the device controlling the gate and activate it.

kill rebels

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough7 Once Amadis and Talanah rejoin Aloy, it’s time to clear the Rot. Kill every rebel in the area to advance the mission. There are many environmental hazards and heavy weapons scattered around the camp. They can be used to quickly kill rebels. Once all the rebels are dead, a cutscene will play and the Tiderripper will appear.

Talk to Tarana

horizon-forbidden-west-need-to-know-walkthrough8 After you’ve dealt with the Ripper, find Tarana and talk to her. This triggers another cutscene in which Amadeus learns the truth about his long-lost love, Nessa. After the cutscene ends, the mission is completed and the player is rewarded.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now on PS4 and PS5.

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