Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC Includes Optional Gay Romance for Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West received its first DLC expansion earlier this week, and players were quick to notice Aloy’s new gay romance option in the DLC. The Burning Shores expansion pack brings Aloy to the game’s post-apocalyptic interpretation of Los Angeles and asks her to battle the ominous Nemesis machines. The expansion includes a large number of new characters and newly introduced areas to explore, as well as a variety of new weapons. Now, players have noticed a special bond between Aloy and newcomer Seyka.

Horizon Forbidden West has been a success for Guerrilla Games since its launch early last year. The sequel to Horizon : Zero Dawn was a mainstay at the awards ceremony, with Horizon: Forbidden West picking up seven nominations at The Game Awards 2022, including one for Game of the Year. Forbidden West has been particularly successful with its digital storefront, with more than half of the game’s monthly UK launch sales being digital. Now, Aloy’s latest adventure brings a unique twist to its protagonist.

Horizon Forbidden West fans were quick to discover an optional romance route in Burning Shores, featuring protagonist Aloy and the aforementioned Seyka. Players are introduced to Seyka early in the expansion, whose story focuses on Seyka and her growing friendship with Aloy. Later in the DLC, players will see an optional route that sees Aloy romantically involved with a new girl. Aloy and Seyka’s relationship is the first full-fledged romance line in the Horizon series.

horizon-burning-shores-aloy-seyka-gay-romance Aloy’s gay romance with Seyka isn’t the first time a major Sony first-party game features a gay protagonist. “The Last of Us” protagonist Ellie is fully identified as gay in the game, and she was first revealed to be gay in “The Last of Us” DLC “Falling Out”. The franchise also features supporting casts of multiple other LGBT+ characters, including Dina in The Last of Us : Part 2 and Lev, the first transgender character in the major blockbuster game. Ellie’s homosexuality was also mentioned in the HBO series “The Last of Us”.

Aloy’s newest romantic choice is just part of a slew of content introduced in Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores expansion. The DLC includes nine new legendary weapons that players can hunt down throughout the new areas, either purchased in the store or obtained by exploring the world. Burning Shores also introduces several new enemies for Aloy to challenge throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape. Horizon Forbidden West’s new expansion pack gives fans every reason to get back into its world.

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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