Honkai: Star Rail Trick Lets You Walk Through Walls

Honkai: Star Rail players have discovered a trick that allows them to walk through walls. Despite some launch issues, Honkai : Interstellar Railway has gotten off to a good start.

Honkai: Star Rail was first announced by HoYoverse in October 2021, giving Genshin Impact fans an idea of what else they can expect from the developer. While Genshin Impact continues to attract millions of players, many Genshin fans made the jump to Honkai: Star Rail this month to find out what the similarities and differences are between the two HoYoverse games. Honkai: Star Rail introduces a plethora of new characters and familiar HoYoverse faces, one of which is linked to this fun trick.

Reddit user Cthulhuhopp recently shared a Honkai: Star Rail video, highlighting a technique for rendering walls useless with the help of ice hero Pela. The clip begins with the player playing as Seele of Honkai : Star Rail running back and forth a few times, followed by Pela. The player eventually stops in front of the wall. Without stopping immediately, Honkai: Star Rail character Pela continued to charge Seele, pushing them against the wall they were facing and placing them in an area normally off-limits in an RPG open world.

After passing through the city wall of Honkai : with the help of Pella, the player begins to explore the hidden space, showing different levels of the city wall. Cthulhuhopp nearly fell off the Honkai: Star Rail map, coming to the end of a path that revealed a large gray gap that could kill the player if they jumped forward. After showing another angle of this descent and a different Honkai: star track architecture extending into the depths, Cthulhuhopp moved the Seele through the maze of walls to the original wall through which they entered the boundary location.

Since Honkai: Star Rail was only released in April, it’s likely that HoYoverse will update the game to balance characters, add new content, and fix bugs such as Pela pushing players into walls. Cthulhuhopp wasn’t the only player to point out Pela-related wall-pushing issues, as others responded to their posts saying that Ice Hero left them behind obstacles that weren’t too easy to bypass.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for mobile and PC, with PS4 and PS5 versions also in development.

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