Honkai: Star Rail Players Are Getting Free Star Rail Passes

Honkai: Star Rail players are in for a special treat from HoYoverse, which has revealed another batch of free rewards to players following the game’s high-profile launch. HoYoverse debuted the Honkai 3rd spin-off in 2021, presenting it as a turn-based sci-fi role-playing game, with closed beta testing to follow shortly thereafter. The game received a lot of excitement from fans of the Genshin Impact developers before its release, topping the App Store charts and breaking records for the studio. Players have already reaped handsome rewards from the game’s successful pre-launch campaign.

Pre-registration has resulted in a host of special rewards for Honkai: Star Rail players, ranging from free gacha currency to free characters. The pre-registration milestone for Star Rail gave players the chance to earn a Star Rail Pass for up to 20 games, absolutely smashing the goal of over 10 million pre-registered users. During the pre-release event, players can also get a free four-star unit in the Electro Erudition character Serval. Now, players who want to pick their favorite Star Railroad character will have more opportunities to do so.

HoYoverse officially revealed during the game’s “Going Fest” broadcast that players will be receiving a new batch of free Star Rail Passes. Players with a Trailblaze level above 10 will receive a set of 10 Star Rail Special Passes via in-game mail for use in the game’s limited draw banner. Any Trailblazer who passed level 10 before June 7th will be eligible for mail rewards, and these rewards will not be limited to existing players. Honkai: Star Rail already offers a number of similar bonuses, including Stellar’s launch login bonus and bonus code Emerald.

Honkai: Star Rail already looks like it has a lot to offer for players looking to spend gems and savers waiting for a specific character. Star Rail’s current Gacha features the powerful Quantum character Seele, and the Lightning Five-Star Crystal is planned for the second half of the first update. A leak from Honkai: Star Rail has revealed several other characters from the story, including Silver Wolf, Kafka, and Blade, who will appear in the next few updates. Honkai: Star Rail has a similar mercy system to Genshin Impact, guaranteeing five stars every 90 pulls.

Honkai: Star Rail’s massively successful launch follows in the footsteps of its HoYoverse predecessor, Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact became an internet phenomenon upon its release in late 2020 and quickly cemented itself as one of the most popular free-to-play games. Star Rail is even more powerful than its predecessor in many ways, surpassing Genshin Impact’s pre-registration milestone in a short time. Honkai Star Rail looks set to be another landslide victory for the HoYoverse following its high-profile debut.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for PC and mobile. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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