Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Upcoming Character Aventurine's Kit

A batch of leaks from Honkai: Star Rail has revealed gameplay details for the upcoming character Aventurine, which is expected to arrive in a future update. With the HoYoverse sci-fi role-playing game’s first post-launch update recently debuting, players get to see several new characters and promise more to come. Version 1.1 introduces two new five-star characters, Silver Wolf and Rakshasa, and a new four-star character, Yukong. The developers are also revealing three more new roles for version 1.2 in Kafka, Blade, and Luka, with more to come.

Even though Honkai: Star Rail launched less than two months ago, leaks have already revealed a ton of content planned for future patches. An update from the game’s many leakers has teased a pair of five-star characters that will arrive in version 1.3 of Fu Xuan and Imbitor Lunae, and a new version of the newcomer character Dan Heng. Several other characters were also teased, with Xueyi appearing in a side quest, and characters like Misha and Firefly being teased. Now, another character sees a new information surface, which reveals Aventurine’s kit.

Noted Honkai: Star Rail leaker Affinity recently updated to share details about how Aventurine works in the game. Aventurine will be introduced into the game as a five-star fictional elemental character in the Protection Path, with the ability to provide protection for allies. Aventurine’s abilities provide a shield to all allies, and each part of his kit consists of a unique mechanic built around the suit of the card. Aventurine also has the “energy” mechanic that utilizes the suit, increasing DEF and launching a follow-up attack after stacking 6 energy.

The leak also shared details about the Aventurine eidolon, providing more information for players looking to get multiple copies of the character. Aventurine’s first Eidolon adds a taunt effect to characters after casting his Ultimate with his second Eidolon and grants debuff resistance to allies after using his skills. Later upgrades boost the character’s damage, giving bonus damage to his basic attacks, and then bonus damage to all of his damage based on ally shield values. Aventurine’s expected release date has yet to be announced.

Aventurine’s latest gameplay leaks come from several other characters, seeing details of their abilities in recent weeks. Version 1.2 of Kafka and the aforementioned Imbibitor Lunae have both seen information leaks about their gameplay, showing off character animations and combat abilities. Others like Misha have seen their kit revealed before any official mods have surfaced, and describe them as a strong Ice Destruction character with a focus on AoE damage. Honkai: Star Rail in its initial update looks like it has a lot of characters to suit all different playstyles.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for PC and mobile. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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