Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Element, Class for Rumored Character Topaz

A recent leak from Honkai: Star Rail is teasing several key pieces of information about the upcoming character, detailing elements and paths of the rumored Topaz. In the first month since launch, Star Rail has seen a plethora of leaks and rumors about characters joining the role-playing game. Leaks nearing the game’s release will detail the character roadmap for version 1.3 and tease highly anticipated additions to the game such as Kafka and Silver Wolf. Now, a new leak hints at a character players still don’t know much about.

While many characters from Honkai: Star Rail’s early stories have yet to be added to the game’s roster, the leak hints that many more are on the way. Characters that have been teased in the game, like Screwlum and Jingliu, are expected to be playable at some point in the future. A recent trailer even suggested that Honkai : Star Trail might soon have its own version of Honkai 3rd’s two most integral characters, Raidenmei and Yae Sakura. Now, Topaz is the latest speculative member to see more facets.

An update to the Honkai: Star Rail leaks subreddit shared by well-known leakers Blednaya and Merlin Impact revealed more information about Topaz. The leak shows Topaz’s in-game icon, featuring her wild outfit and gray hair with red highlights. According to reports, Topaz will debut in Honkai: Star Rail as a new five-star character, possessing Fire elements and following Hunt Path as a DPS character. Topaz has yet to officially appear in Star Rail, and little is known about her role in the game’s story.

Topaz is likely to join as a new DPS character for Fire Elemental, since Fire already has a lot of strong support in Honkai : Star Trail. This element has been used in several roles in different classes, including Himeko as a learned secondary DPS and Fire Trailblazer as a protection tank. Topaz will likely pair well with free character Asta, who can both provide a powerful Fire Weakness Break ability and buff her Fire allies. No release window was given for Topaz, but she is currently not expected to make her debut until version 1.3.

Rumor has it that Topaz will be introducing Honkai : Interstellar Railroad, as the game’s roster is already set to grow substantially over the past few post-launch updates. Patch 1.1 was recently confirmed to bring three new characters to the sci-fi role-playing game, with Silver Wolf, Rakshasa, and Yukong making their debuts. HoYoverse has already revealed three characters for version 1.2, and recent leaks have begun teasing version 1.3’s five-star character, Imbibitor Lunae. Players looking for more characters to spend their Stellar Jades on will soon have plenty of options.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for PC and mobile. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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