Hogwarts Legacy: South Sea Bog Treasure Vaults and How to Open Them

Southsea Marsh in Hogwarts Legacy has many secrets for players to discover around the area’s wetlands, though it’s slightly smaller than most of the exploreable locations throughout the game. These secrets include four vaults hidden around the map, each requiring the player to be vigilant in order to access treasure and loot – sometimes obvious.

While Southsea Marsh is small, its puzzles are definitely powerful – Hogwarts Legacy players should be anywhere between level 20 and 40 to fully prepare themselves when exploring the area. Again, small area spells are required to find the treasure hidden in the vaults around the area. These spells include Accio, Depulso, Glacius, Wingardium Leviosa, and Alohomora III.

Treasury #1

Treasure  Vault  1 South  Bog  Sea  Hogwarts  Legacy This vault is located south of the Southsea Swamp and south of the Southsea Swamp Floo Flame. It is also east of Inferni Lair. This vault also requires players to have access to either Accio or Depulso to access the treasure.

To enter the vault, the player should use either of the aforementioned Accio or Depulso spells to open the vault’s door. After opening the door, the reward will be waiting inside.

Treasury #2

Treasure  Vault  2 South  Bog  Sea  Hogwarts  Legacy This Vault is located near the Southeastern Sea Swamp Floo Flame in the southeastern part of the area, and players need to know about Wingardium Leviosa and Glacius.

First, players should head to the small field southwest of the vault entrance, where they’ll find a cube waiting for them–if the cube is hard to find, Revelio is here to help. Once you find the cube, use the Wingardium Leviosa to help move the cube to the plate located in front of the vault. Once it is in place, the player should cast Glacius on the cube to open the vault.

Once the vault is open and players go inside, they’ll find a pile of skeletal remains in the far right area of the room. Destroying this blockade will cause them to collapse, but using a Wingardium Leviosa will form them into a staircase that the player can then use to access the treasure waiting at the top.

Treasury #3

Treasure  Vault  3 South  Sea  Bog  Hogwarts  Legacy This vault is located near the center of the Southsea swamp area, and can be found southeast of the northern Southsea swamp flyway flames. No spell is strictly necessary, but Depulso may be useful for players to know beforehand.

Once the player reaches the location of this vault, they will notice a large pile of stones blocking the entrance to the vault. All they need to do is break the rocks–once they’re broken, players can enter the vault and take the treasure that awaits them.

Treasury #4

Treasure  Vault  4 South  Sea  Bog  Hogwarts  Legacy The final vault is located farthest underground in the Southsea swamp area, away from the northern Southsea swamp flyway south of the flames. This vault also requires the player to know the spell Alohomora III – otherwise, the player cannot enter at all.

Once the player is inside the vault, they should use the Alohomora III spell to unlock the door. In the room with the door open, there will be a mini whirlwind in the middle of the room with an archway on each side. Players need to walk straight into the whirlwind, then head towards the archway on the right. From there follow the next whirlwind, another, and a third whirlwind will appear in front of the arch on the left. Grabbing the final whirlwind will make the treasure appear.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PS5, Xbox Series S|X and PC. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are currently in development.

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