Hogwarts Legacy Player Shows Off Jaw-Dropping Room of Requirement

With Hogwarts Legacy giving players multiple customization options in the Room of Requirement, one fan highlights an incredible area they’ve created. The House of Requirement can be unlocked through the main Hogwarts Legacy questline, but players will have to explore more to unlock its items, and this fan seems to have scoured every significant location to build their impressive abode.

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy have been expressing their creativity through the Room of Requirement and its several animal houses that offer plenty of space as canvases. There have been incredible Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirements, such as a makeover to the Slytherin common room, a space inspired by the Dark Arts, and more, but this one might be the most jaw-dropping yet.

YouTuber ItsmeRose showed off their Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement, made using the ROR Upgrade mod, which increases the number of items that can be summoned. As the video begins, the legendary Hogwarts hero enters from the school side of the room, immediately highlighting the spacious central area, where two chairs face a magnified Christmas tree with a single lamp in the centre. Turning around to show more rooms, the player is shown what appears to be a study room, which includes two desks, one of which is necessary to identify looted Hogwarts heritage items.

While some players prefer to maximize their Hogwarts legacy needs room space by placing herbalism and potion stations nearby, ItsmeRose has placed these items strategically around their rooms to focus on aesthetics. As players enter another large room in their player housing, a Hogwarts Heritage Night Owl statue immediately comes into view, complete with a massive bookshelf, more trees, chairs, and other decorations. The green and brown color scheme is maintained throughout the Room of Requirement, ensuring that the second area acts as an extension of the first, but with more decorative furniture than a crafting table.

With so many leftover Hogwarts furniture items in the Room of Requirement and other things that can be placed in a terrarium, ItsmeRose might not be the last player to create such a jaw-dropping place. As many fans have speculated about what the Hogwarts Legacy DLC might look like, the player housing may see more additions, which could inspire more unique rooms like ItsmeRose.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions launching on May 5 and a Nintendo Switch port on July 25.

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