Hogwarts Legacy Player Shows Off Impressive Woodland Vivarium

A Hogwarts Legacy player used the game’s summoning spell to build an incredibly detailed woodland castle inside one of the game’s zoos. Hogwarts Legacy launched earlier this year to critical acclaim and huge sales, and it looks like players are still using the game’s building features to get creative.

In the early stages of the Hogwarts legacy, with the help of Professors Weasley and Dick, players can unlock the Room of Requirement, a space where players brew potions, grow plants, and decorate with magic. Part of this space is four vivariums, which serve as habitats for wild beasts that players can find and rescue in the open world. In addition to feeding, tending, and breeding the beasts, Hogwarts Legacy also allows players to build larger structures within these menageries using summons that can be found in treasure chests, purchased in Hogsmeade, or obtained by completing challenges.

One player has created something truly impressive using these tools. On the HarryPotterGame subreddit, Exotic-Doctor5526 posted several images of a woodland castle they created in one of the animal farms in the House of Requirement, without the help of any mods. The massive castle has a square structure with several towers rising near the entrance and at some corners. A larger tower sits in the central courtyard, and shrubs and trees line the castle walls.

In the post, Exotic-Doctor also links to YouTube’s Tour of the Caste, where they offer tips and instructions for players aspiring to build similar structures in their own zoos. In the video, they explain that the architectural features of the Hogwarts estate are not perfect, with often large gaps between magical components that can give off a fan-made look. To remedy this, they added shrubs and trees to hide the gaps and give the castle a more formal look. Since Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a photo mode, they also explain a way to get a better look at the buildings inside the zoo, which involves turning off the HUD and watching flying beasts like Jobberknoll or Phoenix as they soar around the environment.

It’s great to see players continue to enjoy building unique structures with magic in Hogwarts Legacy. With the popular Wizarding World role-playing game set to launch on older consoles and the Nintendo Switch later this year, the community will no doubt see an influx of new fifth graders flocking to Zootopia to create.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming May 5, and a Nintendo Switch port coming July 25.

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