Hogwarts Legacy: How Does the Player's Hogsmeade Shop Work?

While Hogwarts Legacy is available on Xbox and PC, one of the main draws for players to get it on PlayStation is the PlayStation-exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade store quest. As a reward for completing this quest, players can run their own shop in Hogsmeade, an enticing prospect for many players.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t explain much about when the store will be available or how it will work, so players on PlayStation may still be confused by this extra exclusive content. Users on other platforms may be curious about what they’re actually missing.

The quest to unlock the haunted Hogsmeade store actually takes quite a while, and players will need to complete the Hogwarts Legacy storyline to complete it. What’s more, the quest titled “Managing Your Own Business” is itself challenging and must be completed before players can start running their own store.

How to Unlock the Hogsmeade Store

hogwarts  legacy  hogsmeade  shop  quest In order for players to unlock their Hogsmeade store, they need to complete the quest “Mind Your Own Business”. This task is given to the player by Petunia, the house elf located on the southeast side of Hogsmeade, and can only be obtained after the player completes the main quest called “Fire and Evil”.

Without spoiling it, it’s the player and Poppy’s task to investigate the Horntail Hall. Talk to Penny, buy the shop from Cassandra Mason for 1,500 Galleons, then complete the “Mind Your Own Business” quest.

Naming the Hogsmeade store

hogwarts  legacy  hogsmeade  shop  on  the  map After completing the quest, the player will eventually become the real owner of the abandoned shop in Hogsmeade. They can now choose to name their store. Players can choose one of these three names for their Hogsmeade shop :

Vesters and Venum Cladwell and Brewster Stitches and Drafts The name chosen by the player does not affect how the store works, only what appears on the sign hanging above it and its name on the Hogsmeade map.

How does the Hogsmeade store work?

hogwarts  legacy  hogsmeade  shop  how  it  works Players can now use the shop to give items to Penny to sell. The shop is still only for gear, though Penny has said earlier that it can “sell anything.” The difference is that gear sold through Penny in the Hogsmeade shop is worth 10% more.

For example, well-equipped gear in Hogwarts Legacy normally costs 60 Galleons, but is worth 66 Galleons if sold by Penny. The table below shows the general store prices compared to the player’s Hogsmeade store.



selling price

Hogsmeade store price





Fully equipped













the gold



Unfortunately, the Hogsmeade store cannot be decorated or customized at all. Players also can’t use it to sell anything other than gear, a 10% increase in sale price is nice, but not necessary to make a lot of money quickly in Hogwarts Legacy.

The best part of the whole ordeal is the quest itself, which is pretty unique compared to most other quests in the game. Players who haven’t visited this quest yet don’t have to worry too much about missing the shop, though.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S; a Nintendo Switch version will arrive on July 25, 2023.

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