Hogwarts Legacy Fan Makes Newt Scamander

A Hogwarts Legacy player created an almost identical-looking version of Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts series. The character creator has always been a beloved feature in modern video games, allowing players to bring their favorite fictional characters to life or create unique characters that best represent themselves. With the release of Hogwarts Legacy, fans of the Harry Potter universe have an unprecedented and magical opportunity to delve into the wizarding world.

While most people are busy exploring the vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy, many are testing the limits of the game’s character creators. Notably, a Reddit user has managed to create a stunning rendition of a well-known character from the wizarding world : Newt Scamander.

Reddit user Plex_Flex93 recently shared their creation of a Newt Scamander using Hogwarts Legacy’s character creator. Played by Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts film series, the character is an English wizard and magizoologist who wrote the popular Hogwarts textbook ” Where are Fantastic Beasts”. Plex_Flex93’s version of Newt Scamander is very close to the movie version, showing the great capabilities of game character creators.

Mr. Scamander, you are about 3 decades too early. By u/Plex_Flex93 in HarryPotterGame The carefully crafted character in Plex_Flex93’s post looks almost identical to Eddie Redmayne’s depiction of the beloved Magizoologist, with surprisingly accurate features, hair and clothing . However, eagle-eyed Hogwarts Legacy fans were quick to notice slight deviations from the original characters. In a Reddit thread, Plex_Flex93 revealed that they chose Gryffindor as Newt Scamander’s house, despite the fact that the character is quintessentially Hufflepuff.

Although users made a small mistake when remastering Newt Scamander, the overall response from the Hogwarts Legacy community has been very positive. Other players and Harry Potter fans have flocked to the comment section, praising the Plex_Flex93’s attention to detail and extraordinary accuracy. Plex_Flex93’s stunning Newt Scamander creation serves as inspiration for other players looking to bring their favorite character into the Hogwarts legacy. The overwhelmingly positive response from the community demonstrates enduring love and enthusiasm for the world of Harry Potter, and fans continue to find new ways to engage with and explore the wizarding world J.K. created. Rowling.

The attention Plex_Flex93’s Newt Scamander character has garnered highlights the extraordinary depth and versatility of the character creator of the Hogwarts legacy. The game allows players to step into the wizarding world, take classes, learn spells, and interact with a variety of characters while exploring the open world of Hogwarts and its surroundings. In addition to immersing players in all-new stories, the character creators allow players to connect more deeply with the universe, showcasing the incredible potential for creativity and personal expression within the Hogwarts legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One releases on May 5 and a Switch port on July 25.

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