Here's When You Can Play 'Pokemon With Guns' Game Palworld

Described by many as “Pokemon with guns,” aka Palworld, has just announced that players will be able to get early access to the monster-catching shooter this coming January. Palworld, the new game from developer Pocket Pair, has attracted a lot of attention with its intriguing premise.

Many Pokemon clones died because they didn’t do anything to the monster-catching formula to appeal to a dedicated Pokemon fan base. Palworld might be able to break the curse by marrying this much-loved idea with something equally popular in the contemporary gaming landscape of the : shooter. The game has attracted a lot of attention with its shocking and lovely graphics since its launch, and now players can finally get their first chance to try it in the near future.

The Early Access release window for Palworld was announced at Summer Games Fest 2023. The trailer showed off a lot of the gameplay that has garnered attention so far before announcing that gamers will be able to get early access to the game 2024 on Steam in January. A full release date for the game is still undecided, but early access will give players a chance to see what the game is all about. At the same time, it will allow Pocket Pair to be tweaked based on user feedback and hopefully work towards a strong official launch. It’s worth noting that this early access is limited to Steam. As previously announced, Palworld will launch on Xbox at some point, but the Summer Game Fest announcement only refers to the game coming to Steam.

It’s both cute and terrifying to see all these innocent-looking creatures, with their round, fluffy designs, suddenly either pull out a big machine gun or have a big machine gun pointed at them. It’s like sitting down to watch Winnie the Pooh only to realize it’s a horror movie. Pocket Pair is clearly looking to capitalize on this incredible value to expand the game’s popularity. Gameplay is described as a mix of open world, survival, and crafting, all combined with the ability to pair up with a wide variety of creatures.

Pocket Pair’s strategy to market Palworld seems to be working. The game got a lot of press coverage thanks to its click-worthy premise, but in the long run, Palworld definitely needs more than just Pokemon with guns. Ultimately, when a game is released in Early Access, how players respond to it could largely determine its future.

Palworld will launch in Early Access on Steam in January 2024. An Xbox release date has yet to be announced.

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