Harry Potter TV Series is Happening With JK Rowling as Executive Producer

After months of rumors and speculation, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel has officially announced that it is joining controversial franchise creator J.K. Rowling as an executive producer. A Harry Potter TV series has been rumored for some time, with reports suggesting it will air on HBO. However, it now appears that the Harry Potter series will be switching to the Max streaming service.

Max is the new name for HBO Max, and the rebrand will take place on May 23. Max will function similarly to HBO Max, but it will also include content from the Discovery+ subscription service. As with other subscription services, a key component of Max’s strategy will be to offer exclusive programming to convince people to sign up, and that’s where the new Harry Potter series comes into play.

Rowling, executive produced by J.K. the Harry Potter TV series will adapt the novels over the course of 10 years. No specifics on exactly how that will work have been released at the time of writing, but it’s conceivable that every Harry Potter book will be turned into at least one season of the TV show. The Harry Potter TV series will have a brand new cast, but no names have been announced yet.

Given the popularity of the Harry Potter series, it’s no surprise that a TV series based on the series is in development. However, some Harry Potter fans weren’t happy with the show’s adaptation. They don’t want to see iconic characters like Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter recast. They’d much rather see an original series set in the Harry Potter universe, but that’s clearly out of the question.

To be fair, the film franchise’s attempts to deviate from the original have not gone well. While the original Fantastic Beasts film was a box-office success and received mostly positive reviews, the same wasn’t the case for its sequel, which received poor reception and lower box office returns. Adapting this book series is by far the safest bet.

Release date information, cast and more details about the Harry Potter TV series should come to light in the months and years to come. In the near future, Harry Potter fans on PS4 and Xbox One can look forward to Hogwarts Legacy finally releasing on their platform of choice on May 5th, while the Switch version is expected on July 25th.

A Harry Potter TV series is in the works.

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