Hallmark Reveals Seasonal Ornaments Based on Mario, Minecraft, Classic Consoles, and More

Hallmark has unveiled its commemorative 2023 collection of accessories featuring some notable Nintendo franchises and other characters. The recent success of the Super Mario Bros. movie shows that video games and their characters in general are popular, and while it might seem a bit pre-emptive to start advertising holiday decorations in mid-April, the Hallmark decorations are highly collectible depending on Due to their rarity and popularity, there may be players who are ready to snap up as many of them as possible.

There seem to be a few instances where Hallmark will repeat popular designs, but those are rare; personalized Super Mario ornaments will be available from at least 2021. 2021 also brings Charizard from Pokemon, Zelda and Link from the original NES Legend of Zelda, Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, and several other iconic characters. Also in the 2022 lineup is a miniature illuminated Super Nintendo console.

This year, Hallmark showcased two Fortnite decorations, as well as several popular Nintendo characters; Samus Allan from Metroid, Isabel from Animal Crossing, and death stare who gained meme status The Marlow Kart version of Luigi. Evolution Pokemon Eevee, often the subject of fan art, returns, albeit with a different design; the 2022 version has a more dynamic pose but lacks the cute bow that the 2023 Eevee will have.

Hallmark  Sega  Dreamcast  Ornament Cat Mario (Super Mario) $18.99. Available July 15, 2023. Personalized Mario (Super Mario) $25.99. Available now. Light-up Warden (Minecraft) $19.99. Available October 14, 2023. Polar Peely (Fortnite) $18.99. Available October 14, 2023. Mini Toad (Super Mario) $9.99. Available July 15, 2023. Ffrosty Back Bling (Fortnite) $13.99. Available October 14, 2023. Luigi (Mario Kart) $18.99. Available October 14, 2023. Samus Aran (Metroid) $19.99. Available July 15, 2023. Musical Dreamcast Console with Lights (Sega) $22.99. Available October 14, 2023. Mini Holiday Eevee (Pokemon) $9.99. Available July 15, 2023. Bee (Minecraft) $13.99. Available October 14, 2023. Snorlax (Pokemon) $18.99. Available November 10, 2023. Sonic the Hedgehog’s Spin Attack (Sonic the Hedgehog) $18.99. Available October 14, 2023. Isabelle (Animal Crossing Friends) $18.99. Available October 14, 2023. Sega fans will be happy to know that the 2023 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments collection includes Sonic’s Spin Attack ornament as well as a miniature version of the iconic Dreamcast, the last console game Sega produced as a competitor in the domestic market. Unfortunately, as the market was dominated by the PlayStation 2 at the time, followed by Microsoft’s original Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube, Sega dropped out. Thankfully, the company still exists today and continues to make great video games, albeit as a third party.

The 2023 line of Hallmark ornaments appears to be dominated by Nintendo characters, and if that includes Eevee and Howler from Pokemon, more than half of the ornaments come from Nintendo properties. Minecraft fans can choose between a cute bee and a glowing Warden charm, but it can be difficult to choose. The ornaments will be available to order through Hallmark’s website later this year.

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