God of War Ragnarok Player Finds Secret Detail About Heimdall Boss Fight

A God of War Ragnarok player discovered that if the player changed any equipment during combat, Heimdall would have a secret dialogue. Not to be confused with the MCU’s portrayal of Heimdall, the God of War character of Ragnarok is an arrogant and conceited figure that every player can easily hate.

God of War Ragnarok spoilers ahead! As a result, many players are willing to treat him mercilessly during Ragnarok’s Heimdall boss fight. The boss fight is a bit of a gimmick due to Heimdall’s abilities, and players must use the drupnir spear to detonate a secondary explosion that weakens the character. It’s pretty straightforward, though, once players get the hang of it. However, anyone changing gear will find Heimdall calling them.

As shown in the clip below and discovered by Reddit user PredatorAvPFan, Heimdall can chime in with secret dialogue, such as “Clothing changes don’t improve your chances of being here.” It’s worth noting for a few reasons. First, Heimdall’s voice actor makes it very clear that he’s mocking the player, which is befitting of the character. It can help solidify the player’s hatred for Heimdall of Ragnarok. Second, it’s an interesting fourth-wall breach because it’s just a simple game mechanic reaction. Kratos is clearly not undressing in front of him, which is worth a laugh.

However, from a gameplay standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Its purpose is to convey to players that even if they currently have the best armor in Ragnarok, it doesn’t matter in this fight. As such, this may have something to do with the game’s main complaint. Many felt the AI characters were too passive, telling them how to solve the puzzle before they solved it themselves was another sign of this boss fight’s main gimmick/puzzle. However, it can make it feel like Heimdall is also cocky, which is a nice little detail.

Of course, God of War Ragnarok is full of little details that help bring the characters to life. For example, players were quick to agree that Thor didn’t drink in the opening scene of Ragnarok, since he’s recovering from alcohol. He falls off the wagon later in the story, but a few key reasons really help sell it as a major part of his character and a strong representation of the effects of alcoholism on the family.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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