God of War Ragnarok Bug Traps Kratos in the Norns’ Trial

While enduring Norns’ trial in God of War : Ragnarok, a player shared a video on Reddit showing them experiencing a glitch that crashed the game and forced a reset. God of War: Ragnarok is the sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed God of War, a reboot of the 2005 original. Players loved the game, and it received plenty of positive reviews from fans and critics.

Despite its excellent reviews, the God of War : Ragnarok has the occasional glitch, which is to be expected in any game. For example, a glitch in God of War : Ragnarok had King Hrolf Kraki disappear during a battle, preventing the player from continuing the game. Fortunately, players can now easily record gameplay using the built-in PlayStation 5 feature, so they can spot these glitches and share them with others, allowing people to avoid them and developers to fix them.

Reddit user Dancaiman showed off videos of them fighting enemies, hitting enemies, and using combos in Norns’ Trials. During the fight, Kratos attacked with Skovnon’s hilt, and once he made the thrust, the unexpected happened : Kratos fell to the ground. The blade was still held high above his head, and Kratos fell into a void below, falling continuously. Even when Kratos isn’t in the room, Baldr continues to spout quotes, which may be humorous to some players.

While Ragnarok is considered by many to be one of Santa Monica Studios’ best games, other players have also encountered this glitch, suggesting that this is not a one-time incident, but something that needs to be fixed. One commenter mentioned that they fell for about five minutes when this happened to them. Others thanked the user for sharing the video because they were about to get to that part of the game so they knew to avoid performing the move lest they lose progress in combat. Another commenter mentioned that people should avoid Skofnung handles in case they run into failures.

Even though players might lose some progress if they encounter this glitch, they needn’t worry too much, as this PS5 adventure game offers multiple failsafes to avoid soft locks. As long as the player can pause the game, restarting at the previous checkpoint allows them to restart the fight and avoid problems. Players can also use the load function in the pause menu to load a previous save so they can get out of the glitch. If all these options fail, they can restart the console and try the battle again, even if they lose some progress.

While this is inconvenient, gamers don’t have to worry about running into bugs, as there are multiple fixes for them. They can keep playing the game and keep track of other glitches and bugs as they report issues so Santa Monica can potentially release a patch. Until such bugs are patched (and even if they aren’t), players can share their experiences and glitches online to help others avoid them in this highly rated God of War game.

God of War: Ragnarok is out now on PS4 and PS5.

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