Genshin Impact: What Is The Perils In The Dark Quest For Nahida Story Quest Act 2

Nahida Story Quest Act 2 in Genshin Impact takes players on a journey to save the terminally ill Apep. After spending enough time investigating and understanding what happened, Nahida and the floating Hydro Fungus begin to slowly regain some of their lost memories, which will help the group get closer to solving the mystery and saving Apep. During their journey, however, Genshin Impact players received a message asking them to complete the world quest “Danger in the Darkness” before proceeding to save the ailing dragon.

To learn all about the dangers in the Dark World Quest in Genshin Impact and how to complete Nahida Story Quest Act 2, look no further as this guide will explain what this message means.

Danger in Dark Missions in Genshin Impact

genshin  impact  perlis  in  the  dark Perils In The Dark Quest in The Dark Quest in Genshin Impact Part of The Chasm Delvers World Quest, which is the Chasm Quest in Genshin Impact. Many players received a message advising that they should complete Perils in The Dark World Quest before completing Nahida Story Quest Act 2 in Genshin Impact, however if the player has completed all of the Chasm quests then they can simply turn the map Switch to the underground ravine and teleport there.

The game doesn’t seem to tell players to just switch to the Underground Chasm map, giving the impression that quests are missing. Of course, if players didn’t do the quest before starting Nahida Story Quest Act 2, then they’ll need to complete Perils In The Dark Quest before they can complete Nahida Story Quest.

Perils In The Dark is a lengthy quest in which the traveler must venture deep into the abyss, examine the black mist, ring the two bells on either side of the ruins, and finally defeat the Abyss Lector. Players will need to use the Lumenstone Adjuvant to destroy Oozing Concretions and clear the Dark Mud while traversing the Chasm Underground Mines.

Nahida Story Quest Act 2 In Genshin Impact

how  to  continue  nahida  story  quest  act  2 in  genshin  impact Halfway through Act 2 of Genshin Impact’s Nahida Story Quest, the group must travel to the deepest part of the canyon. This is because the Floating Hydro Fungus recalls that one of their family members went to a gloomy place east of Sumeru from which no one returned, and Paimon immediately realizes that this is the chasm. Nahida then instructs the group to follow her there in search of special elemental life forms.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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